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Monday, July 24, 2017

Blueberry the raccoon.....................

On our way home from a day out we saw a young Raccoon by the side of the road. He seemed hurt. We stopped and Gerry went to check him out. I didn't want to look in case it was, you know, yucky. I am very squeamish. It didn't seem to be but he was definitely hurt. He walked up to Gerry like he was it's mum. So I got a blanket and picked him up. We had no idea what we were going to do, but could not leave him there. He may be a she, we never checked.
 photo 20170723_164906_zpsfkca7oq8.jpg
He chattered all the way home, sort of plaintiff crying, but not really crying. Just chatter. He was content to sit with me and I petted his head and cooed to him. When we got home we got our dogs carry case and put him in there.
 photo 20170723_165244_zpsvgn3uugj.jpg
We gave him some grapes and blueberries and he tucked in content.
Meanwhile I called a wildlife rescue. They only took baby deer but gave me the name of a local woman who took raccoons. Well that was a complete disappointment. She told me to take him to the vet and get it put down. I said I can't do that. So I got a lecture on the dangers of keeping a Raccoon. The round worm that is dangerous to people and pets. Yes I know that, but if I can get a vet to give him something to fix that. She said no, vets around here are not wildlife vets. The DNR would put it down too. So the next thing she mentioned was distemper. Yes I knew about that too. I would get him shots for that, my dogs are vaccinated.
 photo 20170723_164814_zpstyspwgcy.jpg
She said she only took healthy raccoons and as this one was not growling and snapping and snarling at me it had to be sick. Well even so, I want to help him. He can still live a good life. It turned out his foot./ankle seemed to be broken, He could not put weight on it. I think he must have gotten swiped by a car. Gerry made a bigger cage for him as we expected to have him awhile.
 photo 20170723_190931_zpsbqsvsr9b.jpg
So all this while I am making phone calls. I told him what she had said. We didn't want to have him put down. His eyes were bright and nose not running, no drool, he was eating well and took a quick nap. I gave him corn on the cob and more grapes.
Look at that face.
 photo 20170723_165244_zpsfamvt9bt.jpg
So it was beginning to get dark, well the sun was going down. I went to check him out and his little face was poking out like the dogs do when they watch us through the trellis. I called Gerry because I just knew he was trying to get out.
He sure was, in fact he did get out. So as he was getting along quite well despite his injury we decided to take him back where we found him. I figured that at least that way he had a chance. I was not taking him to a vet and being made to get him put down. He deserved better. I am disgusted at the wildlife rescue people who would not help, or give advice. Well yes she did give me advice, get him put down and when I tried to ask other questions as to how I could help she just said "you are not listening, put him down"
 photo 20170723_210155_zpstrsftz7j.jpg
We put him back in the carrier (that we must now detox) and took him not far from where we found him but back further away from the road.
No chance of a dog encounter or the road. Left him happily munching on grapes and wished him a long and happy life. It was all we could do for Blueberry as Reina named him.
 photo 20170723_210324_zpssebivlnj.jpg
They are nocturnal so he should do better in his own territory, maybe hook back up with family? I know it's a harsh world out there with Coyote and so on but say a prayer for little Blueberry and hope he makes it. At least he has a chance now he is no longer stunned. He will hurt for a time for sure but maybe it will heal in time. Just give him some time Lord.


  1. Thank did the right thing!! xoxoxo

  2. I wish you could have found someone to give him medical treatment. Here in the US I would have worried about rabies and distemper. Both are possibilities for raccoons here in the US, but since he was eating and enjoying his blueberries, I doubt if he was sick with anything. I believe I would have done just as you did and taken him back to the wild. At least he as a chance there. Sad that he would have been euthanized for no reason other than they didn't want to be bothered. Wishing health and happiness for Little Blueberry in the wild.

  3. Janice, you are a sweetheart!! You and your hubby are sweethearts!! I would have done the same thing! I can't believe no one helped??? Wishing all the best for Blueberry! Big Hugs!


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