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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Garden stuff.......................

I am busy working on garden stuff. I am enjoying using up things that have been set aside for a very long time. I figure it's actually time to use some of the things I have collected over the years. That means a lot of beads...........I have a lot of beads. I made a wind chime today from beads. I had fun drilling holes in a piece of driftwood. Thought it was going to erupt in flames when it started to smoke. I have a Dremel and just learning how to use it. I can NOT imagine drilling rocks. That was what I bought it for. Anyway, last night I drilled the holes and today I threaded the beads. This is what came out.
 photo 20170701_142419_zpse9dpfwmz.jpg
 photo 20170701_142453_zpssdbdywkw.jpg
So refurbishing things.........I have these wings from a long gone fairy.
 photo 20170701_164112_zpsqamhryft.jpg
I am thinking Butterfly?
 photo 20170701_170829_zps01pcpvaa.jpg
I need to figure out what else I can add to it to make it look pretty.
I am not sure if I showed this on my last post but here it is again just in case. A Christmas ornament to replace the one that broke.
 photo 103_2407_zpsle0ggzk0.jpg
So next I went through my box of wood and came up with enough to make another one or maybe two wooden wind chimes.
 photo 20170701_164042_zpsthpfhmqb.jpg
 photo 20170701_164037_zps0or86ycq.jpg
Gonna be busy with the Dremel again. Some are drilled from last time but one pile is not. I also have a lot of bigger pieces to make the tops so I hope I am on a roll and actually get these done. I have not even started on the stones yet........I finished this one today
 photo 20170702_144010_zpslcqc5mqw.jpg
That one has a nice sound with the cow bell......and I added a heart crystal to my tea pot
 photo 20170702_145108_zpsmcdzmya9.jpg
It needs a few more and I do have some so will continue that theme but its too humid out there today. Phew....I am done for today.
 photo 20170702_145108_zpsmcdzmya9.jpg

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  1. So much fun Janice! I love your creativity! I love your pieces! Big Hugs!


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