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Sunday, October 22, 2017

What do I have?............

What do I have to contribute that is unique? I do not seem to have the imagination that I need to inspire me. Oh I can copy pictures, I can draw to some extent and I can learn. To actually sell "something" requires not just talent but it takes imagination and to see what people may like. I get so caught up in all the things I would like to do that I don't get anything done. I am still working on my sketch books. I am beginning another before finishing the last one. I had sent for some art supplies to finish off some of the pictures in there. Maybe I should forget that one. Just paint with water colour as usual and start fresh in the new book. Right, that's the plan there.
 photo 2_zpsj1jbagvb.jpg
I love looking on Pinterest for things to draw. Instead I should look around me at things in my life to draw but other people have so much better imagination than I do. I can't focus. I can't seem to get creative in my own right. I used to take pictures for something to draw years ago. Then I got to just enjoying taking the pictures so much that the two things never melded. Maybe that's where I should begin.
I am not looking for recognition. I just want to make some money doing what I love to do. Thats why a shop has always been a dream of mine. My fantasy used to be running a small resort and in the office selling my quilts and arts and crafts to holiday makers. Or a Bed and Breakfast with the same idea. Too bloody old for that now. So what else, and Etsy or Facebook shop. Then to deal with mailing and complaints etc. Then there is keeping the shop stocked and still getting everything done here that needs doing. I wish I could also sell things from the house. There are several "yard sale" pages on Facebook I could use but that does not appeal to me. I guess I would rather do a real yard sale in the Spring, its a lot of work but I have usually had luck in making a little money that way. I have picked up so much from thrift shops that I need to start weeding out. I know people do that for a living, maybe that's an idea but I tend to want to keep things myself but there is only so much one can keep. I just like stuff I guess.
 photo 31241e56-47e5-41d6-84fe-dc91038fcd5a_zpsmkkx4szs.jpg
I keep going down the same old street, the same old arguments. I have been put off from selling via shops in town and about because they take 60% and expect me to not sell for less myself. That means the prices go to a point where I certainly would not pay that much so why would anyone else. I tried Ebay once but got nowhere with a couple of quilts I made.
 photo 20170907_120644_zps6whxexct.jpg
No one wants to pay what they are worth. By the time you price fabric and quilting you cant add much for labour and so what's the point? I would rather give them away. That's what I normally do. A quilt costs around 300 dollars to make when you add the costs of everything. That is using new materials though. The cost of fabric has gone up so much.
That's my other problem, I can't stick to one thing. I love fabric, I love craft supplies. I need a work room. My dining table is always full of something.
I spent this past Spring making wind chimes. Pretty sure I could sell those.
 photo 20170704_135938_zpspvfozety.jpg
So here I am, same old story, same old problem what to do...............I want to make some greetings cards so maybe I will start there. Maybe I should just get off my butt and go rake leaves.

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  1. Calm you mind Janice! Do the first thing that comes to your soul! I use to sell my art for .99 cents, when I first started! We all start somewhere! Have faith in yourself! Big Hugs!


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