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Friday, October 13, 2017

Sketch Book Ideas.........................................

I originally started my sketch books to learn how to "loosen up" with my water colour paintings. I felt I needed some guidance from other artists and see what I could do. I enjoyed it so much that I have done almost 20 books. Now what? Well since the first book I have evolved into a complete different direction. I have found some artists that I adore their work. I don't want to copy them but they have given me ideas and I am filling my sketch books with them. From "Annsdoodles" I have found products that I never dreamed were out there. Yes I started out doing watercolour, and I still do but......oh there is so much more out there. The sketch books do not handle some of the products well, I need better and different paper or card stock. Till then I am still using mainly water colour.
 photo 20171013_132905_zpsbagwmebh.jpg
The products do not show up well on here but in that picture there is glittery paint that shines when you move the page. I need more colours in that particular product. It will look nice on cards and things.
 photo 20171013_132919_zpsmhqqcsyy.jpg
 photo 20171013_132945_zps3ei5ror7.jpg
Now if you happen to be an artist and I have copied one of your pictures, not to worry, when I do anything other than the sketchbooks it will only be my own original ideas and artwork. However I have found it useful to get some things down so I remember.
 photo 20171013_132957_zpsoz2xrwji.jpg
 photo 20171013_133016_zpsyr4lskym.jpg
I still love doing faces, they are not meant to be lifelike. These are with the idea of doing pictures for childrens cards or bedroom pictures. When I do those I will be using glitter and the raised effects on a lot of things.
 photo 20171013_133037_zpstmnw5uyb.jpg
I would like to do some birthday cards and things that could go in a small frame.
 photo 20171013_133130_001_zpsyad7r7wm.jpg
 photo 20171013_133205_zpspgyd43dv.jpg
I have been learning to do unrealistic flowers and zentangles.....all of those I will decide how and what to use them on later
 photo 20171013_133313_001_zpseyshfng7.jpg
 photo 20171013_133412_zpshpbedcuy.jpg
 photo 20171013_133445_zpsveukdesw.jpg
 photo 20171013_133510_zpstuhhlj6g.jpg
These are but a small portion of whats in the sketchbook
 photo 20171013_133521_zps92fti1rl.jpg
 photo 20171013_133532_zps7zdqyfvf.jpg
Yes, I have done a lot of nudes to help get my proportions, those will certainly not be among the things I make to sell (blush)
 photo 20171013_133553_zpsvrkluam7.jpg
I love Fairies and that will be one subject that I will do for sure
 photo 20171013_133604_zpsjtrul6as.jpg
This brownie is copied but modified, I just wanted to keep the idea. I like it and will no doubt do my own version.
 photo 20171013_133617_zpsk1yjcxiu.jpg
 photo 20171013_133640_zpsemsacy65.jpg
 photo 20171013_133659_zps8z4dwc0z.jpg
 photo 20171013_133707_zpsadygnx8c.jpg
Suns and Moons are a popular subject and I love doing those.
 photo 20171013_133729_zpsjbmmv51q.jpg
These next are a few unfinished pictures.I have probably 1/3 of my book still to colour and have started a new book.
 photo 20171013_133743_zpsdhdvyqdd.jpg
 photo 20171013_133754_zpstqlxekax.jpg
 photo 20171013_133818_zpstymczth1.jpg
I still have a lot to learn but I will always have a lot to learn and so I need to make a start somehow.
 photo 20171013_133838_zpslprltwtb.jpg
I need to focus on getting some products done this winter so that I can get started. I will have pictures, cards ACEO's, quilts, bags, totes as well as other thing like
my wooden wind chimes. So much to do.................


  1. wow Janice your drawings are amazing i could spend many an hour gazing at your lovely drawings,thankyou for sharing my friend xx

  2. Janice, truly wonderful! I know you don't think so, but you are so talented! I love the words you put with your art as well! Big Hugs!

  3. LOL ! Janice I just spent the best time reading and reading and looking at all your drawings and words..
    Thanks so much for sharing it.
    Barbra Joan


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