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Saturday, December 30, 2017

A few old recipe's.....................

These 4 recipe's are out on this blog somewhere, but I could not find them. So here they are to share again.
 photo 1d8b06e793bce732d19fdedfb2513e31_zpsb87cwyby.jpg
When I got this recipe from Barb Gurn it was made by putting all the ingredients in a large "barrel" shaped jar (I used ice cream container) with a lid. It required turning it every so often to coat.......well I then found the same recipe that can be baked, so now I go with that one. If you need better instructions PM me but basically you mix everything in a bowl and then put in the Saltines and cover them with the mix. Bake about 15 mins or 20 at about 250
 photo 20171230_142902_zps8igp05qs.jpg
These are great with cheese but I love them with Chili


 photo 20171217_142203_zpsobpjjpau.jpg
These are sooooo good you have to do at least a double batch. Great as a snack but wonderful with soup.
 photo 20171230_142956_zpscmzxboyk.jpg


Not a lot to this one but is a great snack.

 photo 20171230_142928_zpsnbht9mrm.jpg
Toss crackers in the mixed up ingredients and bake 300 for 15 mins. Cool.

And for your sweet side if you have never tried this then it is a must do and you will make them over and over


 photo 10608224_10153202523591595_2797236642845939805_o_zpsjkpgaasi.jpg

 photo 20171230_143017_zpstaoqnfik.jpg


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