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Monday, January 15, 2018

Some new sketches and stuff..............

Some new things for me, I collected a load of beach stones last summer and some were very flat and smooth. I thought I would try to paint a few and when I get good maybe some jewelry.
Like that will happen haha.
 photo 20180114_162106_zps97oq4hyx.jpg
I am partial to the bee, but his yellow is not quite good enough yet. I have bought so many products this winter and yet, never quite the one I need haha.
 photo 20180114_162038_zpsvzixinyb.jpg
On the back it says Bee happy.
 photo 20180114_162025_zpsdsmmifql.jpg
Meanwhile from my sketch book ideas I have made a few cards. Not quite perfected that yet.
 photo 20171221_133153_zpsrobkzal3.jpg
 photo 20171221_220650 1_zps7umant6f.jpg
Then from my sketch book I have been using some of my new products. The glitter and silver and gold. On the Unicorn white puffy paint
 photo 20171219_121104_zpsplzhcbyn.jpg
 photo 20171219_121025_zpsh4uaygql.jpg
Some still need working out and some have yet to have colour added
 photo 20180105_155921_001_zpseaxzaprk.jpg
These are ideas I am working on.
 photo 20180105_160049_zpssxnd4ffm.jpg
 photo 20180105_155950_zpseotx5xew.jpg
 photo 20180105_155938_zpsatdp8ust.jpg
 photo 20180105_155944_zpsizvi6evq.jpg
 photo 20180105_155958_zps2yhkwjy1.jpg
 photo 20180105_160035_zps4ijzsqqf.jpg
 photo 20171227_144648_zps2fvcqp7s.jpg
 photo 20171221_220833a_zpstjs4sons.jpg
 photo 20171221_220732_001a_zpsrd6iybrg.jpg
Here are a few sketchbook pages.
 photo 20171219_121637_zpsbbvazjcu.jpg
 photo 20171219_121541_zpsqloumq2o.jpg
 photo 20171219_121335_001_zpslbtfz0hw.jpg
I have to think that the things I am drawing now is a far cry from the first few books that I did.
 photo 20171219_121127_zpszcvvaxvj.jpg
 photo 20171219_121122_zps7i7na2hl.jpg
 photo 20171219_120933_zpsr71ytlig.jpg
 photo 20171219_121028_zpshhkfqu0j.jpg
I am colouring with various things from watercolour to pencils. Still figuring out what works best.
 photo 20171219_121707_zpsoc3z8mng.jpg
 photo 20171219_121648_zpsqi341nog.jpg
Just a few things that's it for now. I have asked Ann from Annsdoodles for ideas for products and she has been very helpful. I admire her work so much and would love to get some of the same results. Ah well keep on trying.
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  1. Cute much crafting as I do, I have never gotten into making cards. Great job.

  2. Great job on everything Janice!!! love it all! I really do! Big Hugs!

  3. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, Janice! I absolutely love your art and your style! Do you sell any of your illustrations? I think they're professional quality. Mine are usually copies of someone else's work. I'm not good at "making stuff up". :) I look forward to seeing more!


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