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Friday, February 2, 2018

Card Update and progress.................

I am making progress. I have and am enjoying making cards. It was a long time coming. Over the years I bought stamps and things to do stamping but there is something about that.......I am not sure I enjoy it, to me it seems like faking. I like to draw, so stopped. Always intended to get back to it. I spent enough money on supplies heaven knows. Still, they will always be there and maybe some day I will get back to it. I collected lots of paper products, cards and envelopes and extras. Meanwhile I am now drawing my own pictures and I may find the stamps useful to do the inside with things like "Happy Birthday"
So I did another Butterfly it does not show well, the colours are vivid and the enhancements do not stand out.
 photo a_zpsgfdl8tvp.jpg
I added the extras using the texture paints and glitter. This next one I showed before but was not happy with it. I added a border.
 photo 20180131_171758_001_zpsai2q8lo5.jpg
 photo 20180202_180238_zps4zyfzxys.jpg
I saw a photo of an Elephant on Pinterest. This is my version of it.
 photo 20180202_180540a_zpsi0zsxaib.jpg
This is my picture of Esther The Wonder Pig wearing her sunglasses........or at least some piggy.
 photo 20180202_180512am_zpsdpirso8a.jpg
I am getting some of my ideas from pictures I have done in my sketch books. I do see things on Pinterest that inspire me to do something. I don't copy but do my own version of the subject.
 photo 20180202_180450 1a_zpso96o89ri.jpg
The cottage I will do in different seasons, it will look nice with snow.
I am not really sure what I can use this one for, not really the right subject matter for a card.
 photo 20180202_180020_zpsjp01gp68.jpg
I really don't know what I will do with this one, a quick sketch to work on.
 photo 20180202_180419a_zpsm5boi8dl.jpg
A few more I completed this evening.
I did this one again, actually it's different. I moved the bee and the flowers are different. Ah well, it's hard to keep coming up with ideas.
 photo 20180202_231951_zpshso3bxby.jpg
It all starts with a sketch.
 photo 20180202_232013_zpsvjcw6cvt.jpg
 photo 20180202_231924_zpsrqwc94w6.jpg
Well that's it for now. I have quite a collection now. When I get to the end of this project I will see what progress was made and wonder if I will come up with some to sell. I doubt it but at least I won't need to buy any cards for awhile.
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  1. you really are talented,, beautiful sketching,, really great card ideas. You could sell these at a fair or on Etsy,,I had an Etsy shop for a while 6 or 7 years ago, cards were a popular seller!! Go for it!! Or you could sell them at fairs or craft sales around town, your work is lovely and I know people would love them, I buy blank cards sets at The Dollar tree, then I paint on a piece of water color paper then glue that to the blank card, I have in the past sold hundreds of them,, hand painted cards are very popular and such a lovely gift in itself. I really encourage you to find places to sell them,,it would give you a confident boots,, you have the talent you just need the push to put your work out there lol,,best wishes my friend,

  2. The little cottage is my favorite! These are so cute. Ideas are hard for me to come up with, too. If I were selling cards I think I would look into making prints. There are only so many you can make by hand! :) But doing them just for fun is great, too. And your friends and family will treasure them.

  3. These are all terrific Janice!
    I am drawn to the cottage especially because I adore them :)
    You have a wonderful blog filled with lovely treasures.
    I am happy to be a new follower of this blog 🎨

  4. Well done Janice! You are truly very creative. The one with the girl's face, could be a "Thinking Of You" card. Keep up the great work! Big Hugs!


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