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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

More cards.............

This is fun, I am really enjoying making cards. Unfortunately I will have to touch some up as they are just not exactly what I envision. Still, I am just starting. Do I really want to send these out to people? That I am not at all sure of.
Out of all I have done, I only really like a couple of them. I do like this one. It may need a little more sparkle.

 photo 20180131_171437_zpsauwzztd6.jpg
This fairy is way too stiff. I like the idea of it but somehow I need to soften her up. I will keep trying.
 photo 20180131_171758_001_zpsai2q8lo5.jpg
It's a hard thing to judge what is "realistic" and what is just a sketch. I am not happy with that one anyway. The next may need a touch of sparkle. I saw this somewhere and need to make it mine. I think it would be useful.
 photo 20180131_172334_zpserrwiikr.jpg
I actually do like this one. Not sure what it will be yet but I like the concept
 photo a7642fb6-3642-4cc4-ad80-35b6c31e66c1_zps4sginfkv.jpg
This one started as a Christmas card with just the mail box. It just was not enough. So I did add the kids playing and the girl with the letter to mail.
 photo 77363bce-0e80-4ad8-ac8c-09cbae566a25_zpszy6hsvrr.jpg
I still like this idea and have added some sparkle to it. Its a fun one to draw. Not sure if anyone would like it though. Guess they will keep it if they do or throw it away. Either way.
 photo 20180131_171636_zpsmw11hgwk.jpg
My friend Debbie has started to get into drawing and painting. Debbie is a stroke survivor and is progressing a bit at a time. She is my ex son in law's 2nd wife. He divorced her and is now with #3. Well she was still in their home until it sold and now is in town in an apartment. It's closer to where I live so I try to get over to see her when I can. I am going to take some paints over for her. She wanted to try to draw an owl so I made this one for her. She can then see that she can do this quite easy, at least to begin with.
 photo 20180131_171742_zpsgtdjcmr7.jpg
I sort of like this idea but it's not really mine. Annsdoodles did something simular. However I have done it before in the past so is it my idea? or will it be seen as copy? Hmmmmmm. Hard to tell but in any case it needs tweaking. I am not selling them so at this point I don't think it matters.
 photo 20180131_171944_zpsxrwewyf6.jpg
For now I am just playing around but it would be nice to try to sell some some day.


  1. I love them all!!! Hand painted and hand drawn cards I feel are such a personal touch, I make my own cards still and find it one of my most enjoyable artistic adventures, small enough to take with, small enough to finish in one go and don't require expensive tools lol, win win,, beautiful cards,,

  2. Truly beautiful cards Janice! I really love them all! Your cards are so whimsical and fun! You have your own personal touch! I like it! Big Hugs!

  3. Love the cards! I've made a few handmade birthday cards but I have a hard time coming up with ideas. Yours are so cute! :)


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