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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Bier Gallery new purchase..............

When we did our trip to Charlevoix yesterday we stopped at the Bier Gallery. I had read on Facebook that they had new Froggies in. Well really they didn't have more actual new designs. I had to look hard to find one of the collection that I didn't have but I did find one that fits in. I also got to visit the studio where the lady was making new ones. She is making more of the Maple leaf Froggies but is also doing an Oak leaf one and I don't have one of those yet, something for next year maybe. I should ask on Facebook when they will be ready.
This is my new one.
 photo 20180922_201237_zps3ato8fml.jpg
He is on a gourd rather than a Pumpkin. I do not do Halloween but I do collect Pumpkins. I have some glass ones that I got out at the glass blowers at East Jordan. If its nice next time Tristen comes over maybe we can take a ride out there. He likes to see the Glass Blower at work.
These are my Pumpkins from Beir.
 photo 20180923_124718_zpstaf9fr5y.jpg
They have a blue collection but I stick with the neutral tones
 photo 20180923_124733_zpsxnfj34jm.jpg
I think my very first froggie was this little tooth pick holder
 photo 20180923_124643_zps5mvp2eyz.jpg
Then I believe I got Froggie in the chair.....he sits near the TV
 photo 20180923_124634_zpswm9kussa.jpg
He looks dusty but I can't get that off unless I wash him and I never remember.
This guy is sitting by the front door
 photo 20180923_124657_zpsgc4d5m4l.jpg
I think my favourite is this one I have on the wall and will get one of the Oak leaves as soon as I can. I think that will complete my collection unless she comes up with something new.
 photo 20180923_132814_zpsqvp9vmfb.jpg
I have bought a few other things over the years, these silly cats and the rat in the trap sit together on a box.
 photo 20180923_124738_zpsx6mrz4pv.jpg
 photo 20180923_124752_zps0knlusnh.jpg
I have so many small things sitting around. I had wanted a lamp but it was several hundred dollars. My Aunt once said well you could get one big thing for what you pay for all the small things. I know but.........I love the small things too. The Mushroom I bought over the road at the other gallery sits with my Pumpkins now
 photo 20180923_124831_zpsjr98hnah.jpg
The Morel mushroom sits with my others, the ones made of Petoskey stones and the Froggie on the Morals.
 photo 20180923_124816_zps0pq4pkpp.jpg
Besides, if I break one I can replace it, if its that expensive I would not be able to. One time I was out there I did spent about 180 dollars on this doll who resides on my wall.......along with a Fairy on another wall but it's rare that I put out even that much in one go.
 photo 20180923_132657_zpsttteeoly.jpg
Once upon a time, after my kids left home I mistakenly thought I could have nice things again. Well I did not take into account Grandkids or pets. I learned my lesson. I also changed my decorating theme, so now I keep it to things I know I will always love. Things from Nature mainly. So many small things all over the house. I like hand crafted from people I meet like my Wild Flowers and carved Sumac. Those people retired now so no more from them. Also the Grumm Gallery is gone when Norman died. His stuff now is very expensive and hard to find. I have some nice ones though. I saw one of his things when I was in Beir and I bet it wont be there next time otherwise I may have to get it. A little bird sitting on a branch of green leaves.
Maybe next month if we go north???? Oh no I must be good.

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  1. I love your collection Janice! Those frogs are so cute! I LOVE that doll! Wow!! All amazing pieces! Thanks for sharing! Big Hugs!


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