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Friday, June 15, 2018

Rocks and Stones.................

If you come into my home you may wonder why there are dishes of stones all over the place. I don't know. I have a love and fascination for them. Why? again, I don't know. What I do know is I enjoy finding them at the beaches. That's the first thing. I love history, geology and all that. When you think about the stones on the beaches and think about where they originated..........well some of them are from lava fields, that means that as we are in Michigan, they have no doubt been here, or came here from the beginning of the world. What I mean is, that geology tells us that the ice fields from Northern Canada came down through Michigan to form the Great Lakes as they melted. That means a lot of the rocks came from Canada and ended up here.
 photo 20180615_142331 1_zpskqozqv1j.jpg
There are all kinds of things we find on the beaches here. Glass that has been polished and in pretty colours. As soda and soft drinks are now in plastic the amount of beach glass is less. It is so pretty and I will use what I find some day in glass objects or jewelry.
On some beaches we find Agates. I find it difficult to recognise them. I have none in my collection that I know of. Those are in need of cutting to find the Agate inside but I don't have the equipment for that. At one time I bought a rock tumbler, a small one. Well come to find out just how long it takes to polish them I gave up on that one.
 photo 20180615_115202_zpsyusm8ifa.jpg
Laura and I most recently have been looking for Blue Stones from Leland. Those are really slag. They make pretty jewelry and I have ambitions hehe, yeh right, no really I do.
 photo 20180615_115153_zpsm1eghawn.jpg
The tiny ones I keep in glass bottles and small containers that show them off........for now.
 photo 20180615_115014_zps4oh51wvl.jpg
The obvious thing around here to collect is Petoskey stones. They are ancient corals, extinct now. They have a unique pattern and when you know what to look for are easy to find.
 photo 20180615_115100_zpshdnxtt4o.jpg
There are other "fossils" and corals that can be found. For me they come under "pretty stones" or unusual stones. I collect heart shapes and now I am collecting flat stones that I can paint on or decorate. Some for outside and others for who knows what. I did think maybe Fridge Magnets.
 photo 20180615_115002_zpsyzvdmjqb.jpg
I love the small flat ones that are the size of buttons. I can drill those and actually make buttons. That can be (Maybe) a Gerry project.
 photo 20180615_114957_zps17promgt.jpg
 photo 20180615_114947_zps8ukmafc7.jpg
I enjoy them sitting around the house. I have much more than I show here. I also have a rock garden outside and I have put the blue stones and Petoskey stones in there. I know where to find them. I did worry about it being a waste but you know what? Those stones will be there, or somewhere until the end of time, just as they were in the beginning and THAT folks is what I love about them, you hold eternity in your hand.


  1. You hold eternity in your hand...
    put THAT on one of your stones! (You would have to write small, I know!)
    I also love stones and rocks, only the most intelligent would understand us. :-)

  2. I tell people I like stones and rocks they give me some but usually I end up with bits of cement but I often use them in the garden.

  3. Yes, everything has a place in my garden

  4. I love this post Janice!!! You sure do have alot! You know, you could open your own store, in your house, if you wanted to sell things! LOL! Big Hugs!


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