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Friday, August 12, 2011

Yard Sale......................


I had a yard sale the last two days. One more day to go. Its a lot of work and can be boring after awhile but I had company. My daughter came over and sat with me and my granddaughter helped me set up. This time I was trying to sell a lot of clothes that have been packed away for several years. They are nice things that either dont fit me any more or I am tired of. I also have a load of baby clothes that Tristen has grown out of. Among the stuff I dragged out were knick knacks that I had packed away from my last sale and a load of books. I was selling everything for 50c. People liked that, said "This is a real yard sale". We held it in the drive way this time. Much more room and no old men stopping by and saying "How much are you selling the garage for?" and us having to laugh like its the first time we have heard that.
Well so far I have made over 200 dollars, not bad for 50c sale. The fact is the last couple I had I made really good money. The first one, several years ago I made over 1000 dollars and the next couple I made around 500 dollars. I had good stuff then, furniture and knick knacks that always sell well. People dont go for clothes so much.
Its funny sitting and watching people. For example I had a couple of those baby car things, the bases that hold the car seat. Someone was pondering over if or not it was a universal base or not and if it would fit her baby carrier or not. Well at 50c why would you not just take it and find out????? but they didn't. Old ladies are worse, they will haggle over 10c. For example 2 glasses at 25c each but one was bigger than the other so would I sell the smaller one for less? Come on people. I gave her them both free with a basket to take them home in. I figure she needed them more than I needed the 25c. I know thats the fun in going to sales, the bargaining and all that but sometimes I just shake my head.
Anyway, one day to go for this sale.
Later in the Fall I want to go through the whole house and find everything I can bare to part with and sell it at a proper price.
Another thing I have discovered, people seem to think if its only 50c then something must be wrong with it haha. Its a life experience and fun to people watch. All shapes and sizes and young and old. The old guys are so funny and obviously bored and so they amuse themselves at our expence as the wife shops. Talk about silly jokes.
One couple came with some cute little kids. My daughter brough out our lunch while they were browsing and as we sat down to eat our sandwiches (ham, cheese and cucumber) the little boy who must have been about 3 came and stood staring at me with big blue eyes. The mum said "are you hungry or something" he said "yes" so I asked if he would like to share my sandwich and he nodded yes. So I broke my sandwich in half and he chowed down and ate the whole thing cucumbers and all. His dad was just cracking up. I thought it was sooooo cute. Its a wonder he didnt want my drink haha.
Well who knows what tomorrow will bring. It was so hot today, and it may rain tomorrow.

Well I only did two days after all. I went out on day 3 to find everything wet. It was covered but the cover leaked so now I am washing everything. Thats OK though because next time I have one all the clothes will all be sorted and ready. With a bit of luck I will be able to do this again before winter. If not then in the Spring. Meanwhile I made enough to cover the gas for our trip and to pay our house sitter.

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  1. Yard sales are always an adventure, I think I've seen it all:-) At this point, I'd rather shop at the sales than have one. It's always nice to be able to clear out what we no longer need though.


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