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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Garage Sales this weekend.......

I had not intended to go to any garage sales. We passed one on the way to the store on Saturday and just had to stop. Well, let me tell ya.........awesome. The lady had a whole bunch of china. I could not resist at least some of it. She also had an old singer sewing machine table for 40 dollars, said she would come down on it but I could not think where I would put it. Silly me. Oh how I wish I had just got it. I always find a spot and have always wanted one. She was not open next day. Some of the things I found at her place................ This little lamp. Replaces one that needed a new shade. 100_0997 This plate fits right into my environment.............. 100_0998 I had to get this tiny tea set...........its so cute. I will keep it to give to Reina when she is older. 100_1001 100_1003 I found more Violets, a plate this time and a tiny plate too. I have not washed them yet. 100_1006 Some of the others are really pretty too. I will be glad when I can get back to doing collages so I don't use so much space. Photobucket Lovely hand painted things 100_1009 This one is a lovely colour and beautiful painting. 100_1011 At that sale I also got some really nice winter tops. She has great clothes and they are lovely. The second sale I found some peach glass like I have been collecting. I wish I could have got more. She said she will be having more sales and you can be sure we will go. Laura got an antique table and chairs for 75 dollars. These are my finds. 100_1018 This lady had really good prices and so I bought quite a bit of stuff. I wont post it all here as its rather diverse. A rock with a hole in it (don't ask)A big basket, a wicker doll carriage that I bought some ivy to put in it. A white bird cage to hold a plant when I get it back together. So much stuff. Why am I thinking of going back I might ask?. 100_0915 I got this plate from my in laws and also the dish and bowl. They went with what I had already collected. I got one other dish from them. 100_0999 100_1020 I am sharing this post with A Delighsome Life Enjoy some other lovely blogs featured there.


  1. What great finds and your dishes are so pretty.

  2. Wow! You were able to get some really lovely things - just love that tea set and the carriage - beautiful! I appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  3. You've got some lovely things in these photos. I adore collecting 'stuff' too, but having just moved house have had to put some of it in the roof while I find a place to display it. That tea set is so pretty. My husband and I have recently returned from a trip to the Carolinas and went in loads of antique shops. We do find prices very pricy over there, though, compared to here in England. Happy hunting, anyway!


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