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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Unfinished business...............

I never seen to get the time to sit and actually accomplish much these days. Having a two 1/2 year old just does seem to dive into my craft time among other things. I am actually getting lots of photo's done because I can download those and play with them at night. That is usually when I work on my blog. As this is supposed to be about crafts as well as just my collections of "stuff" I am feeling a bit guilty. I did record some 1/2 finished drawings in my photos so I will show some of those for now. Then of course Photobucket changed and so did blogger, so that means relearning everything that came naturally to me before and takes more time. I have to get out into the garden this afternoon so this post will be short and sweet. I just want to show ideas I am playing with. Things I just did for the heck of it so I don't forget the "thought".......... A long time ago I drew this mermaid, with the idea that she would be in peacock colours but more muted than that. This rough sketch is just the idea behind what I would like to accomplish. She has her back turned as I think one would only get a picture of a Mermaid if she were unaware of our presence. She is dreaming and so she was captured by the viewer. 101_0017 This lady caught in April showers is the idea for a cushion to be made and embroidered. 101_0013-1 A pencil crayon sketch of Geraniums. I need 3 pictures to do a triptic for my bathroom. This one was done long ago and does not have the look I want. SO I think I must do it in watercolour. This is just to remind me I need to get that done 101_0014 A rough sketch of my Granddaughter Alexandra ............In posting this I see the problems with the sketch. I can redo it maybe a little more accurate. I was just inspired at the time but it's just not good enough. I am never happy with my work. 101_0033 This to remind me that all pictures do not have to be realistic looking.............sometimes just draw for fun. 101_0022

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