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Thursday, October 18, 2012

I love Poodles.............

I have always loved poodles. They are one of the most intelligent dogs, 2nd to the Border Collie. They can be athletic and outdoorsy. Mine on the other hand have always remained themselves, untrained. They are allowed to be who they are. I now have four. Each one is very different from her siblings. My first poodle friend was "Poppett" who I had as a child, she was supposed to be my Mothers dog but we did everything together. We would walk across the fields together and sometimes we went so far she would ask to be carried home. Poppett died soon after I was married. She had a different relationship with each member of my family. While I was home she slept with me. My Dad took her out for her last walk at night and she would come to my room when they went to bed. After I was married and when we got settled we got a dog but it was never the same kind of relationship as I had with Poppett. I was busy with little kids and she was more their dog. Later I got my first poodle, "Bonnie Prince Charlie" he was a silver poodle. Charlie played with my kids rather like Poppett did with me, he went everywhere with them. When we moved into town he was killed, he got out somehow and was hit by a car. I was devastated. We saw a sign one day "Poodles for sale" and we got our sweet "Bonnie"........She was a miniature poodle as was Charlie and Poppett. Bonnie was awesome and I knew that when her time came how bad it would be so when a guy that I knew had a batch of poodle pups for sale I got "Buttons"..........Buttons was the love of my life I think. I never knew a person could be as close as we were. Both Bonnie and Buttons had health issues. Bonnie as she got older had heart issues and Buttons had epilepsy (among other things) but for charactor both were just terrific. These are the current Poodles in our home. Bodicea, Bijou, Bella and Brea. Picnikcollage-1 Now we have digital pictures it's so much easier to have pictures on the computer. Here are a couple of pictures of Bonnie and Buttons. The style of poodles have changed over the years. They always dock the tail, but Bonnie had a very short tail with a pompom now the girls have much longer tails. prettybuttons062 Buttons looks funny in this picture but its a lovely picture of Bonnie prettybuttons066 This is the old Buttons, she was just so sweet........I missed her so much, my heart was broken when she died. LydiaandButtons011 We always had more than one poodle after Charlie died. We got Buttons when Bonnie got older and then a girl at work found a white poodle that came to her house, it was lost. We took her in and called her" Bambi". She was found in the woods. She only liked men and was a mean little cuss, she had been abused for sure. She had cuts on her neck as though she had been tied up and left. Anyway, we took her in and loved her but she was always unpredictable. Had a sweet side but she never really got over her fears. Here she is with Buttons. variouse096 Bambi died soon after Buttons. My son had bought me "Bodicea" by then and she is a Tuxedo poodle. Bodi has a very sweet personality and has the most expressive face. She is adorable, fat and cuddly. Tristen says she is his friend. tristenandmore007 Soon after Bambi died we got little "Bridget", she was a tiny toy poodle. She was the cutest little thing and had the biggest personaity of all. She thought the world revolved around her and it pretty much did. When I took her for walks she had a fan club I think. She expected people to admire her and they did. She would stop and look in cars expecting someone to say "oh look at the cute little poodle" and she would walk up to people on porches expecting them to adore her and they did. She has a wardrobe of cute clothes and strutted her stuff. We never found another quite like Bridget. It was such a shock to loose her in a freak accident. morebabypoodle006-1 Bridget being naughty bridget091 Bodi and Bridget got along really well and it was not long before we decided to get a white poodle because my husband was missing Bambi. So along came Bijou. Here is a picture of the three of them. My poodles have always got along, never fight and love each other. They compete for attention sometimes but do not seem to envy each other. gardenJune08043 This is Bijou girls028 Bodi and Bridget autumnpoodles038 Bridget died at aged 5 by a freak accident. We just could not get over the shock. She was such a presence in our life it left a huge gap......even though we had two poodles we wanted another. So we called the breeder that we got Bijou from and he brought two to choose from. We could not choose and so we ended up with four. Then we had Bodicea, Bijou, Bella and Brea. We see our other poodles in each of them. Bodi is very much like Bonnie and Bijou is what we think Bambi would have been like had she not been abused. Brea is so like Bridget and Bella is sweet like Buttons...............I think these will be our last. We are older now and I would not want to outlive them. I hope with all my heart all my poodles will be waiting for me when I get to would not be heaven without them. septpoodles09009 All the poodles we every had loved to run unleashed and we could always do that until now. The ones we have now play together in the back yard and do not like to ride in the car or go outside the fence. These are Bodicea, Bridget and Bijou sunday190909013 This picture was taken at the barn where I kept my horse. barnsep09003


  1. Well, your poodle clan is very adorable!!! I LOVE poodles as well. I have 3 right now myself!! @ toys and one royal standard poodle! I have a poodle blog if you want to see them. Up on it now is our little pug that we just lost...but, if you pan down you can see my poodles!! Many hugs!! poodles kisses!!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed this post about your doggies very much. I have areal love for all my dogs. I too hope they are waiting for me and someday we will all have a good frolic together. My Bichon Frise (Teddy) is my best friend and he has my heart.

    1. I sure hope they are waiting for us, heaven would not be heaven without them.

  3. Hey, I had trouble finding an email address. Can you email me so I can ask you a question?


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