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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Norman Brumm.........

Norman Brumm was a well-known Michigan artist who favorite subject were the birds and flowers of Michigan. He was a painter, both in oil and water color, but what he was most known for were his works in enamel on copper. He created both plates and sculptures in this medium. Norman Brumm passed on in 2008 – so there are no longer any artworks being produced by him, but he has left a large legacy of works behind........................ I have enjoyed this mans work for many years. I have collected a few. They are expensive and so I could only enjoy the small things. This is one of my favourites. It has the Morel mushroons, the violets and I think it's beautiful 102_0230 When we first found the Norman Brumm showroom, it was in a very large building near Charlevoix. He had so many interesting things there. Fossils, rocks, crystals and the strangest looking furniture made from tree roots. He had some of his watercolours on sale as well as the Enamal things. I loved his work right away and bought a very small piece. Over the years I bought a few more. The violets are from Ananda Brickers Wildflowers. Brummjpg The mouse was my very first piece. The wooden mouse is a carving by Rod Conklin, another of my favourite local artists. The mouse is carved from Sumac, like Ananda, Rod has retired. So what I have is all I can get now. However the estate of Norman Brumm is still selling his things in a shop that I often visit. So even though the price has gone up since he died, I may yet collect a few more. I love Chickadee's and so these pieces sit with a plate by another local artist in China painting 102_0251 I have one other piece that I will add later. Don't know where that picture is right now. Anyway, I just wanted to show off one of our local artists. We have many, this area lends itself to art, the water and flowers, the sky and the woods. It all makes a beautiful place to live. I can not afford real expensive art but what I do buy is usually local artists and they make the things I love and so I would rather pay for something made with love than anything from a store. This is the one I forgot 102_0415 I am linking with Make it Pretty Monday

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  1. Did Brumm ever make napkin rings? I have some with violets that look like his style of work.


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