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Saturday, April 20, 2013

A few more pictures from journal number 3.......

I am still working on my art journals. Same thing really. I gather inspiration from what others do and from pictures I find. A few are just my own imaginings.
 photo 296b8df3-36bd-4da8-9fdd-0b6645835a33_zpse03e291f.jpg

I liked making a stamped on background to just make it a little different

 photo 1edd74ec-1326-4b20-8256-e410b6c869d7_zps00977859.jpg

I found it difficult to remember what Tulips looked like haha, anyway, I made a couple of attempts
 photo 1d16e3e8-082d-4fd4-a174-7fc1f2f5011a_zps75f18920.jpg

The next done with coloured pencils.
 photo ac6b9f88-49b1-4db5-a130-4ea1375e8f3d_zps9927d871.jpg

This little picture was a practice from a book of watercolour projects, I modified it somewhat and then one of my favorite poems came to mind.

 photo 60d1fe54-3d4a-4948-ba31-639772d2897c_zps698eedc8.jpg
This one was just made up, a misty morning. Then I did a poem to go with it but only wrote the first 4 lines.

 photo 3a1a5723-34da-4848-9cd4-1694299ba3a8_zps5f1e999e.jpg


 photo 66d89b91-87cb-495b-913d-c65ec7a356dd_zpse71bf159.jpg

 photo 632cca43-1728-47ca-8ead-d1164ad2d601_zps1d3120a6.jpg

A bowl of flowers

 photo 4d1ab5c0-9591-40b4-b68f-fba15907cc02_zpscd050d61.jpg

This next one is another made up picture and its a practice for white flowers, to make them stand out from the background.

 photo e9c58db5-c26d-44a4-85f5-ba22d03b94ed_zps81bde8d4.jpg
I did several more but will save for another post. I really appreciate it when I get some criticism because that helps me see what I do not. I love your comments


  1. Hi Janice! Your drawings are always so beautiful! Each one is lovely and unique. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Sunday!


  2. Your flower paintings are really lovely. I struggle with flowers, and your tulips are spot on!

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing :) Love the stamping on the background and LOVE the white blossoms and bee.

  4. Excellent Janice! I really enjoyed them all! I like how some of them, you have included different quotes ;o)


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