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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Runners for Teal........

My daughter in law asked me to make some runners for her daughter Teal's bedroom. The colours of her room are burgundy (sort of) and olive green (sort of).....these are the fabrics I came up with from my stash.
 photo ee277cc4-5b89-4db0-993d-eb25cc2a2baf_zps495caa7a.jpg
My trusty machine......a Babylock.
 photo 2531349b-83a8-4bd7-967e-a5af40c20da6_zpsb33f7e33.jpg

I found some green among my stash so we are all set. I have already completed and sent two runners. She gave me specific lengths to go by and so it was easy to adjust the pattern to work with that.
 photo 2794f4a9-04dd-4d87-aec2-1145b197e7d7_zpscac0767d.jpg

Now to sew. A very simple pattern. You join your colours around a central panel. Adding as many sections as you wish to make the length you want. You then sew together face to face with the backing fabric. Cut and turn.

 photo 83d0316e-6eeb-4599-bae3-8c262bdb0768_zpsafa427fe.jpg
The colours in person are pretty much the same as the room, I could not get a good light to take the photograph.

 photo 78834943-b362-4f61-874d-0aa65aad528f_zpsd9797d5f.jpg

 photo 17e23fc5-7b63-4ffe-976d-1fa688662957_zps7100332a.jpg

 photo 5bdc0359-da74-4e8e-b1e4-e0e958d59a7c_zps916ae1be.jpg

Well that's that. I can mail those and make a start on the next project. I want to make a cushion for Teals bed out of the left over fabrics. Then I want to start on some cushions for the porch and deck. Not sure of what fabric yet.

 photo 493c62c2-ad69-4c31-a056-a415f814e73e_zps5674f8ed.jpg

If anyone is interested in the pattern and measurements let me know and I will add that to this post. It is easy, the trick is getting the points right.


  1. Oh my! I don't sew anymore but if I did I would give this a try. Not sure why I stopped. My eyesight if I remember right.
    You did a lovely job! Just beautiful!

  2. This look pretty good if you send me the directions to my email i will have a go, I have not had a lot of success with any sort of patchwork in the past.

  3. These are beautiful! You have inspired me to make one too :) Thanks for sharing, Janice.


  4. They are beautiful! I love the design! So different!!! Love the colors you used too Janice ;o)


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