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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A few from my journal..........

I am beginning on journal number 4. I actually need to buy a better one, this one does not take watercolour. I must get another like the others. I suppose I could use this one for pencil and crayons.
Well, I have found that the pictures do not photograph well. The colour is never good but ah well.
I have been doing a lot of faces and enjoying doing it. I actually like this one.
 photo b7993f64-2e30-43d4-abfe-9b42b8379d3b_zpsde41986a.jpg
I like to exaggerate the eyes. Its not realistic I know, but I am into fantasy, fairies and such. So for me anything goes.
 photo 1bb25448-6bb0-488c-a3b7-35a70f70583d_zps0213c6a5.jpg
Then there is the more comic book style that I thought would do well as a childrens illustration.
 photo 3aba331e-e89e-46d9-a854-9578537c1b40_zps876e7347.jpg
And more of those
 photo 28ac0f48-fcde-4720-89fa-bc49717620bc_zpsb2736599.jpg

The inevitable flowers.
 photo 0dc20701-f273-42da-a86a-dab5e8bb49a7_zps5a38dacc.jpg

Again I am not going for realism here. I am still working on my more relaxed method (smile)
 photo 2674de4a-c536-4aa7-b9b6-4fd3ec55dc2e_zpsf9b1e903.jpg
I love Laurie's owls (I love a cloudy day) so I took a look at a picture I had and made an attempt. Not very good I am afraid. See.........I am trying too hard again. I got too involved and pulled back too late so its neither loose nor realistic but here it is
 photo aa00f54d-b868-43a5-9777-2a78ec811717_zps5581d1ae.jpg
and this one was no better...........I think I must sketch a better picture to begin with. Some things I just can not do without overdoing.
 photo c5e78007-072a-4803-b529-b9b777955785_zps05dffc53.jpg
Laurie how do you do it girl.........
Just one more for this time.....
 photo 0a259a97-c6ef-4bd2-8c4b-b0e3f4b3f545_zpsf841978a.jpg
I did a lot more, I filled a book but they do not copy well via the camera and they are not that great to begin I will save for another day when I have more courage to post them.


  1. While blog-hopping I stumbled onto your site and I'm so glad I did. Your illustrations should be on greeting cards - I love your style. Two months ago I had never touched a paint brush but on a whim (and to get a friend off my back!) I attended one of her china painting classes. Needless to say, I'm hooked. Your forget-me-nots in the tea cup are beautiful. Can't wait to stroll through your previous posts. -- Jan

  2. I like you owls, the one flying I think is very good.

  3. I haven't been on blogger for a week and just moderated a comment and checked my blog roll and I'm so glad I came here just now to see your illustrations. There is something so exquisitely charming and comforting, and real about seeing your artwork, almost like calling out a child to play by playing, or someone who forgot how to laugh by laughing.....I remember I did one illustration in my life ever! took a pencil to paper and copied a leaf, and I loved it! Art is so very unique to each one of us and that is what makes it so precious and personally beautiful. I love the first one, it is so like me on a very very good day! LOL....especially the eyes and those tight curls I adore so very much because my own hair is straight, but I love the long tight coils of curls....and all your other illustrations too!

  4. loving all your pages, especially the very detailed sketches. Annette x

  5. your face drawings are very good! Awesome eyes!!

  6. Well Janice, you know I follow Laurie's blog too and I have to say, I think your owls are great! They are your owls! I truly like them ;o) Laurie would be proud ;o)

  7. I just discovered your blog. Your artwork is lovely. It does take a certain amount of courage to share our art with others. I find that I have to take a deep breath and just go ahead. To me, the beauty of the work is experiencing things through each different artists' eyes.


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