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Friday, May 3, 2013

Friends garage sale.........

It's that time of year. Garage sales. My friend Nancy just had one and called me to go over. I did. Here are 3 things I bought. There are many more things but I will save those for another post. I got several Christmas items that I just put away for now. The other things were for the garden. So will probably show those when I sort them on the garden blog.
Well, first of all I got these two lovely little dishes.
 photo 9c8713ca-bf7f-4cd7-bcdb-7fe1f833d93d_zps05d994bc.jpg photo cb809546-6ad7-4129-8d96-cda05cbb6704_zpsbeb8b949.jpg

I think they are lovely don't you?
The next thing is this pink dish. It's not perfect, it has a small chip on its rim. For that reason I intend to use it as a planter. I think I will put some cactus or succulents in it.

 photo 77e23a98-e5c8-4929-b40f-57968308783e_zps5bda6c05.jpg
 photo 721bcb23-c0c8-49be-80c6-d6bae7cd6035_zps8a91f06d.jpg
The next thing I will show is a lovely tray. Nancy loves to finish wood items and she does such a lovely job. I was looking for a nice tray just this size. Sometimes its handy to take drinks into the living room, coffee, snacks and so on. So that was actually on my list of things to look out for. Could not have done better than this.
 photo f1a59f13-2d25-476d-b860-a1c5ead4285b_zpsef9e22fd.jpg
 photo 7eec4a14-22db-4d3b-826a-0484dd53dbc2_zpsada0270d.jpg
Well, I will have to remember what else I found, but I do believe it was mainly Christmas stuff. What a surprise when I open it all up next year.

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  1. I would like to come to the garage sale too! Too bad you didn't call me ;o) I would have came, if I was closer ;o) LOL! Love everything you got!!!


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