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Monday, May 27, 2013

Romantic pictures.

While I look for some pretty pictures to insert among the Bluebell pictures on my Facebook page. I thought I would share some here. I am enjoying working on two pages other than my normal Facebook page. I have Bluebell Woods that has over 6000 followers and one called Cat's Galore that has about 40 haha. I love the Bluebell Woods page, people love the Bluebells. Well, it would get rather boring if that was all I show, so I had to find something else to go on there as well and so far it seems to be working. Here are a few of the lovely paintings I have found.
 photo ae56b8e8-f06d-438f-bdb0-ca03c79705b8_zpsc9d2aaaa.jpg
I don't know the artists or I would give credit. I found them on the web for those who are interested I am sure it would be easy to find.
 photo 1d651e71-5300-458e-8512-8a32a1b76d92_zpsa916e520.jpg
I love the blues in this one
 photo e3333fa0-c357-4500-9db2-30d57c2602cd_zps1fb1fdeb.jpg
This picture makes me feel cool and fresh, I can feel that sea breeze and the hot sun
 photo f068e923-a462-49d8-a67b-127cf4c7fae8_zpsbf8d6933.jpg
She looks very reflective, enjoying breakfast tea on her porch.
 photo 86376d54-f39e-4bcb-8ef0-8de079885ee3_zpsd590db10.jpg
something about the clothes and parasol just so fresh
 photo f2038385-b9c2-46c2-b257-1ed466bbbc7b_zps44eb311c.jpg
I hope you enjoyed a few pretty pictures. I could live with any one of them. I would decorate a room around them.
I am sharing this with Anything Blue Friday


  1. What a pleasure visiting you and seeing all those lovely paintings. I love art work and you shared some of the best. I admire you for wanting to learn. We need more people like that.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Each one is lovely and I'm so glad you shared them with us - thank you :)

    Love and hugs!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing Janice ;o)


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