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Sunday, June 16, 2013

More lovely dresses.........

I can't help it but I have been looking at the wonderful dresses that are out there. They are romantic fantasy clothing. I can't imagine getting to wear them but then people who can afford them probably go places that they can indulge. I dont know what the first dress is designed for, I have a feeling its a wedding because of the roses. She is holding them........I was just looking at the bead work on the dress and how beautiful it was
 photo 9fe0de0b-a056-4cfb-941c-6fa103db1eb2_zps16c46c0e.jpg
The next one is Irish Lace. Hand made.
 photo 90607cf7-1fce-4af1-9f8c-da39e05ed64d_zps6ca75441.jpg
Maybe a couple of Eastern beauties............have you ever Googled Sari's or Abaya's oooh boy. I wish I could wear them.I love the head gear.
 photo 994b2dd4-9c00-4a34-8706-1eea2368e114_zps10a6cb94.jpg
The women are so beautiful with their dusky skin and huge eyes. They know how to show it off too.

 photo de1b5401-2799-4aee-b8b3-86b9e7963dcc_zps46bcfd9b.jpg
Tales from the Arabian Nights?
 photo 70e716de-82ee-4919-b534-d7a38dbb62fc_zpsc58dbd7f.jpg
This one looks so light and airy look at the legs, it has pants too.
 photo 5e4a6157-b7f1-4cd3-b25e-d4c59ed28e1d_zps39842eba.jpg
More intricate work in the fabric of this one
 photo af13b6fa-10da-4f18-aed1-3c0fbe4d662a_zps3aee6e1e.jpg
This one a froth of lace in pink
 photo b74535c7-34e3-45fa-8976-fcf8bb99b37b_zpsa8d5a40d.jpg
 photo d7f9cef5-51a2-41d2-baa7-638e89f5a8ea_zps560f95b2.jpg

The work in the fabric of the one above and this one below. They have to be hand decorated dont you think?

 photo d0feb3f6-75fd-476b-b83b-ed1fdd3a6112_zps84b63932.jpg
Then this beautiful sea foam colour all froth
 photo a8c74928-21ab-4176-80e4-ffde1b1103b6_zps8101f70f.jpg
Or this one perhaps. A bit more practical and possible.

 photo bc0760e9-5f77-4de4-8c69-e0e55b2a3658_zps66727888.jpg
Then again, I still love the neutrals

 photo 8c7232cd-eba4-4000-b517-b8198dcca261_zps121ca655.jpg

If I were young again and in good shape, I used to have a decent figure.........then what fun to try these on. I do not envy those who have the places to wear them because that's not and never would be me.....but I do love clothes and I probably would buy them just to look at (smile)


  1. wow, I love every single one! what beauty in clothing and how beautiful one must feel in them! sigh.....I must get to making my own versions of this kind of beauty I can wear, even to my own Fairy Tea Parties....
    thanks for this, they were all beautiful !!! lady

  2. All of the amazing colors, patterns, fabrics and different styles are beautiful. Very inspiring in an artistic way. I suppose one would have to put the fuller, fluffier dresses on after arrival at the destination. It would be difficult to travel while wearing them, even in a limo. They sure are a feast for the eyes, though. The fluffy sea foam color gown may have been my favorite.

  3. Love them!! Love them all!! I love fashion too! Great post! thanks Janice o)

  4. Gorgeous frocks. (Are fancy dresses like these 'frocks'?) I used to know a woman who made a living hand-sewing beads onto dresses.


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