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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pretty Things.....

I love the old styles, remember glamour? Remember when women dressed like women? I mean really........back when I was young we wore "an outfit" a "suit" along with a hat and gloves, matching bag and shoes. Even in the 1960s we followed fashion. Then I came to the States and it seemed like that was not done here where I landed. When I was in my teens and early 20s I loved the mini skirts and everything that was "In"............For this post I am looking back further than that to some antique dresses that are really wonderful. I hope everyone likes them and please do look at all the work in them. These are collected from around the web, some Facebook pages and Pinterest.

 photo a3a79f0a-ff4d-4835-a847-765db2c4bdb4_zps04e1ecc8.jpg
Imagine the work that went into the lace in that outfit, then look at the beadwork on the next one

 photo 8c704d09-a200-44c7-966d-c893b015b5ea_zps9891a08e.jpg
You would need a perfect figure for this one but I had to show it anyway
 photo 7f85d626-5ea3-4c90-b8b6-9ec5797cc8b9_zps7ca8568d.jpg
Probably for this one too...........but back in the days before hamburgers and fast foods people seemed to care more about those things.

 photo 16a7cb06-9bb6-4a09-98fc-df027d4a6879_zpsc8c9f937.jpg

I just loved this outfit........I can not imagine having to lace into gowns. I do remember having to wear corsets though and stockings.

 photo a28667ea-e190-47c0-8052-c2ab7b1414b5_zps31c32548.jpg

So lovely...........I remember my Mum having a "ball gown" it was black velvet and had cut outs around the neck with pink lace inserts. It was awesome.
 photo b5610db8-9b6c-442d-b382-14ae4c85ac1f_zps0c3b83aa.jpg
These two are really lovely and I think maybe intended as bridesmaids dresses. They could be ball gowns though. I can imagine the rich and famous still going to balls.

 photo 05c2bf37-ffb5-4f2e-9693-7544008a37e5_zpsf1e84ce3.jpg

When looking around for things to show I saw so many awesome gowns, it made me wonder at some of the stuff that the film stars of today wear. If I had the money honey, I would certainly not wear some of the things we see on the red carpet. Some women do have the sense of style though and I love to see them dressed up. Can you imagine being able to wear anything you wanted?

 photo 512a68d1-2ff4-4955-b690-ae32ec423851_zpsb9c9c7b3.jpg

What would you choose?

 photo 0189cdeb-523c-41b5-8322-7f752586fad0_zpsc827b9d0.jpg

Just a few of my choices, mainly neutral colours but if you care to delve again into some fantastic gowns in colours, then maybe next time......I will end with this one
 photo 3367a649-e9a9-4ce9-93a3-fc780b52310c_zpse960b595.jpg


  1. Wonderful times and wonderful dresses.

  2. I love the lace and the beading. I wonder if I could ever find an excuse to wear such a dress....

  3. My friend, all of these are stunning, but the very first picture took my breath away! Love it!!! Have a great one ;o)

  4. beautiful beading on these dresses. If i was a millionaire I would definitely have such a confection made for me!


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