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Monday, June 24, 2013

My Garage Sale stuff............

Laura and I went to garage sale last week. I found a few cool things. This lovely tea pot was 2.00
 photo 396abd0a-9591-4304-b5a3-fd17d70e7371_zpse94646e6.jpg
This is a container that was purchased at Sam's Club no doubt, I got it for 1 dollar and I am using it for dog biscuits
 photo cdc1185c-9346-429a-92d8-5fbcd7886fb6_zpsd373944e.jpg
I got this to use as a bird bath. I have done several of them around the garden by placing them on a stand. This one only 2 dollars.
 photo 20c9f845-583d-42f0-927a-0a11b710d3ef_zps8bf2e9f5.jpg
My friend Nancy had a sale also........the stool or table, whatever it is I got from her. I am not sure what to do with it so it is resting here for now. The blanket on the back of the chair I got this past week for 1 dollar. How can someone get rid of all that work??????
 photo 8d6bd252-0ca2-4fa9-ba74-b449fe72d324_zps49a0dbea.jpg
The yellow box came from Nancy.......I could not resist it. Sits well in my new laundry.
 photo 02dd49c9-755c-438f-ab40-766a00fae351_zps60932f18.jpg
All these blue plates I got from Nancy also.......not sure what I will do with them yet, not my colour but I may use them yet.
 photo eae0d50f-334f-480a-b64c-b75dab6d02c0_zpsd742d9fb.jpg
The tray was from Nancy and I got it to actually use when we want tea. She gave me the napkins too. I already had the tea set, got that at a long ago garage sale I am sure.
 photo adf6e9b4-5787-454f-82d0-fe1e716d2c8e_zps3119e1f7.jpg
The plate here was also among Nancy's things. It is already in use in the garden. It stands on a small wrought iron stand and looks great
 photo 621b2572-4fb7-4f1a-aba1-45e66cec4434_zps16372ec1.jpg

There are a few more treasures that we found. I got a scooter for Tristen, its his pride and joy at the moment and cost me one dollar that was the best find of all.
I am sharing this with The Dedicated House Blue Friday


  1. I love seeing all the treasuries you got!!! Fantastic finds! I can't believe someone got rid of that blanket?? I don't understand people!!

  2. I can't believe the prices - I adore the first teapot - and the pretty plates - and the tray - so many wonderful things.


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