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Friday, September 6, 2013

more from sketchbook...........

 photo 927ac71b-7f86-4e10-a3c0-88ccb53bb759_zps2fb63171.jpg
I have done one of these for each season. Not sure if I showed the summer and Spring yet. I know I didnt show winter. Now keep in mind I am not trying for realism here.
 photo 550506b8-272d-4f93-b88a-6dbdaa933ff0_zps33633531.jpg
Cartoon like

 photo 9d45d1d8-45f9-4377-b2f6-b0ebfe1c8ce3_zps3165f6f5.jpg
I suppose I am looking for ideas for cards or kids pictures.
 photo 6751c16f-97d4-4ead-9795-a756d8a3752f_zps39310714.jpg
really I am just doodling and having fun, you cant see it here but most of these have glitter on them. I bought Martha Stewart glitter pens and tonight will get another set so I have more colours.

 photo ce605b35-7033-4b53-b558-bc8404343f0b_zpsee457311.jpg
I dont seem to be able to get good pictures but that's OK this is just to keep a record somewhere of what I do.

 photo c16083a4-3bde-4c10-8424-e7a41130dbe4_zpsaf97f78a.jpg
Mary had a little lamb, would this subject make a good kiddies room picture with a bit more detail added?
 photo 0ad160a3-e1ed-4bf1-a8ab-807aa9091b74_zpsfb0dfe61.jpg
I would appreciate some ideas what to do with some of these ideas. Do you think its worth making the effort and using proper paper making some of the images to sell? Or are they really not good enough. I would like to do some simple stuff............real pictures take a long time and I do not think they would sell at all. I also need ideas of what to paint on. It does not have to be watercolour or pencil as these are. I have done some decorative painting. That is quite successful.


  1. Why not give it a try you never know, I never see pictures for childrens rooms in shops unless there is ten of them all the same a one off is hard to get.
    The lonely cat is very appealing and could advertise a animal shelter.
    I like the flower pictures too.

  2. My friend, you have to get that doubt out of your mind! If you want to try, go for it!! If this gives you pleasure and you want to share it with the world, again, go for it!!! Mary had a little lamb, would be great for a kids's room ;o) I love your Autumn Girl! Looks like she is meditating! I would paint on wood or canvases, like you have got from me ;o) Go with your heart ;o) Never force anything ;o)

  3. I just love the one of the cat - although I'm dog-person myself.


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