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Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's the blues...........

I was looking for things that are beautiful and blue............I found that pink was easier. Yet blue is one of my favourite colours. It was just harder work to find the things I had hoped for. Here are some lovely gowns and things.......see what you think.
Blue flowers are always beautiful and when you get a great shot like this one, well it really shows the beauty.I would love to credit the photographer but I don't know who it is.
 photo 5d2d3294-fa9e-4a7b-8834-20e0d0143473_zps23b4f894.jpg
So to show a few lovely gowns, always fun
 photo d05b8252-ee5f-46aa-ba3b-172f6210dc7c_zps970f8800.jpg
 photo 65f681f8-c237-49d5-b64d-5b2891b91382_zps57e325ba.jpg

Take a break and look at this beautiful fairy
 photo 35453d94-98b7-4e57-813c-2daac39b3ac2_zpsaf7ec4e0.jpg
More lovely gowns
 photo e5ec8800-84bc-492b-8d5d-b4767ac88c02_zpsbe88f4f4.jpg
 photo a37ffd8d-f5d5-44df-bdc2-4386ae82554b_zpsaf151334.jpg
What about a pretty bird........there are some really pretty blue birds.
 photo f96b0667-ce72-4326-b098-e9acc4cee097_zps3154eb10.jpg
Back to the dresses, look at the bead works and lace.
 photo 047d478b-da8e-4b35-9a00-c1dfdf0cf33f_zps18d1a5fe.jpg
 photo 314c21de-7c76-45f9-8934-914658b8fd71_zps294ab147.jpg

 photo 4230f14a-8833-4d4f-b05e-618c26427b38_zps1dbeb4aa.jpg
Darker blues, but thats getting closer to black and that's always classy.
 photo 93149bae-083b-476e-b0cd-b2dacd99f4f2_zpse94ec4fe.jpg

Then the lighter going towards grey
 photo 42e599d9-92de-4580-93cf-88cc3f54209b_zpsaafb1dc4.jpg
 photo 033854ff-ebfe-46fd-9c01-5c4929b4fa8c_zps2b23d041.jpg
Well naturally this is just a was harder than I expected but I am please with these beauties. I should look at more flowers next time.

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  1. I love these posts you do Janice! Beautiful!!!

  2. You have the most splendid blog Janice! I had a great time visiting and admiring all your pictures. Thanks for sharing.


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