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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fairy folks..........

I have been busy looking for pictures to keep on my new computer. I have always been fascinated by fairy folks. They are so incredibly beautiful.
 photo c61f51fe-7069-4e35-b974-d98d3571244d_zpse4b7257a.jpg
They inspire peoples imagination. They inspire creativity. They inspire art and crafts.
So, here to enjoy are a few of my favourites.A walk in the glades of the woodlands you may see something unexpected
 photo 9bde03ab-62c7-483e-83b1-74c744753ad8_zps55ee0dc8.jpg
The art of fairy, is so beautiful. They can be naked without being crude because they are fantasy creatures. Tiny little beings that flit hither and yon.
 photo 1a030416-1c8e-4705-bdf0-0035f7c2ec26_zpsb3aaca01.jpg
Hiding under the toadstalls and among the blades of grass
 photo f07b76bc-ea85-41b7-8f0f-c9daff7f37a8_zps86e9925d.jpg
They are so small they can sleep in a birds nest among the eggs, or sit upon a finger
 photo 308ada5a-9069-4c41-812f-53ebd637efb3_zps87309c9f.jpg
They love the Beck and the banks of the streams to sit among the flowers.
 photo 020ae513-580c-416b-a0ba-04aebf13dfaa_zpsa9063ef3.jpg
Do you think about the fairy folk as you walk among the flowers, and you come across a fairy ring in the open meadow.
 photo 59f2b7e8-65e5-4a12-961f-5a741930b73e_zps3cdb2940.jpg
Fairies sitting on a mushroom or toadstall maybe? Were they dancing all night? and sleeping the day away after the sun comes up?
 photo c33b9ed1-0c08-40ac-92d8-45a45dc0e87e_zpsff166d8f.jpg
Just a sweet few of my pictures. The artists are awesome and I love to try to emulate them. In no way can I even come close......... but the fun is in the looking.Enjoy these and soon some more.
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  1. I love these pictures! So beautiful and magical ;o)
    I hope you're keeping nice and warm Janice ;o)
    Wishing you and your loved ones a Very Happy New Year ;o) Many blessings my friend ;o)

  2. Delightful POST!!! Happy New Year!!!


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