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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Less sparkle and glitter this year..........

This year I didn't do much in the way of decorating. I have Tristen and he is into everything and as I do NOT want everything broken or taken and hidden I decided to go less. I couldn't help it but I have bought 3 small trees. I figure next year I can use them in other rooms. I wanted them anyway so got them this year.
 photo 74198eee-94ab-44a7-b42b-762307f0cc69_zpsb3e6470a.jpg
Simple but sparkly.......the balls I bought are plastic. Not like the nice old ones I have but still pretty. I have them all in dishes and glasses to just sit around and look cute.Some simple things to do is to put fake flowers, poinsettias and gold twigs in the plants you already have. Changes the look totally.
 photo 955d3836-95a2-4940-b719-4046bfb36e2b_zpsff082f15.jpg
The small balls in a glass bowl instead of a candle
 photo 07304e24-177a-43f2-a5f4-d504307043ab_zps8d18967f.jpg
I used my cake stands and dishes to put the rest in.
 photo 42107cc5-dd1e-44ae-b4e0-6f9f4fc1939d_zps283e804e.jpg
 photo 194e5e8c-dada-451e-b305-25bdd5fd5337_zpsead49bd9.jpg
Ah well its not my best effort. I admit it. I do have a couple of new Santas sitting around and a new snowman. I figure if I get too many the older not so cute ones will go on the front porch next year. You can decorate the house without a lot of involvement or expense. In the beginning I would go to thrift shops and pick up a lot of holly and ribbons. Wreaths too are great to replace pictures. Normally all my pictures come down and are replaced by Christmas things.
 photo e4627cf9-f216-445b-8b1c-54a94db61aff_zpsd17a9966.jpg
I have collected things over the years so that I can do that. For example, a couple of needlepoint pictures that are so pretty I don't know how people can get rid of things people put so much work into. Well they have a happy home with me now. I rescue cute things all summer. Next year I will go all out. This year, too much else to do. Maybe I better get the Christmas dishes out this year. I did at least change out the coffee mugs for Christmas ones.
I also have my Santa Crow from Magic Love Crows sitting in a prominant place on the bookshelves. Once I get the nuts and treats sitting around it will look like Christmas.


  1. I didn't put all mine up this year I think I have lost a box somewhere.

  2. Merry Christmas my friend ;o) Your house looks wonderful! I love it! I hope you've been having a very blessed day ;o) We have been without power! Bad ice storm! I hope you are well and keeping warm ;o) Big Hugs ;o) xoxoo


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