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Monday, February 10, 2014


My cousin Robin has been giving me tips on making bread and pastry. My first attempt was a failure. It was my own fault. I had decided to empty my baking cupboards and get rid of all my old stuff. I didnt want to just throw stuff out so I prepared to use up what I could. The bread turned out looking lovely and tasting horrible. Well it does not pay to use expired things when it comes to baking. Oh the yeast rose ok but the taste of the bread was stale. So...........Robin to the rescue. He taught me about the different flours, and how they worked. Mine apparently had lost its umpfffff.
So.....everything in the trash. A lesson learned and new products in the cupboard.
To day I chose two simple recipes. A white bread, sandwich bread and a French bread.
lafugimama had a simple white sandwich bread that looked good and simple
First of all to get myself in the mood I made a loaf from a mix. Just so I had one success at least.

 photo 0423214c-d4c5-4fa0-883f-123d1afee8e2_zpscba737ed.jpg
This is an herbal bread, smells divine and was quite good. So then while that was baking I made the next batch. Here it is, the French bread dough sitting on the stove top where it's warm rising its little heart out.
 photo a791eecf-bed6-4f08-a8fa-135fcc915958_zps3db06e6d.jpg
This was a French style bread. I made this as instructed. I didn't do the egg wash on top because I wanted to see what it should look like. I prefer the crunchy crust so next time I will do that and also add some seeds.
I was happy to see them in the oven baking away
 photo 94c7c848-8d5c-4435-aede-8f96d6fbc4f9_zps2dda9b8b.jpg
They came out looking quite nice, if somewhat pale.
 photo d4658b26-c9d4-4eae-aa74-7b1a76f4a30c_zps4debabbc.jpg
It really did look nice inside.
 photo 223021f5-554c-41eb-bd6d-f5c3102c8042_zps2d5072b6.jpg
The next one I made while that was rising and got the white bread started. Here that one is rising. Both recipes had different times for rising and baking just to make it more fun.
 photo c2efce57-9aa7-4481-ac89-6278e231e12b_zps479c0641.jpg
After all the punching and rising the white dough is finally in the pan
Naomi Cakes a blog about sugar and spice and everything nice
 photo 04356309-f245-4536-afc5-3106c1aca636_zpsae6de4a0.jpg
This one bakes for a whole hour, but it came out looking sweet enough and if next time I brush it with the egg wash it will look even better.
 photo 5137fecb-907d-4367-a8d1-c6b86cceb491_zps8bc7303a.jpg
I cut it before it was cool, heck it was still hot.........I had to taste it.
 photo 60cd1321-be1b-46ad-8a92-f7233c102700_zps5282846b.jpg
It tastes so good when it warm from the oven and yes, made with non stale products..........we wont be doing that again haha.
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  1. Wow! They look wonderful! Not much of a baker but I appreciate those that do.

  2. My mouth is watering! Fresh, homemade bread is my down fall! I could eat an entire loaf! My mom used to be a baker and she still makes homemade bread and buns! Soooo good! Excellent post ;o)

  3. This looks wonderful! I can almost smell it!

    - The Tablescaper


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