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I try to use my own photo's as much as possible, sometimes I borrow from the web. If I inadvertently use your picture without giving credit, please do let me know and I will either credit or remove it, I hope you will do the same with mine.
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Saturday, February 15, 2014

more pictures..........

This first picture I did several times. I had done this one and did one for a friend.
paintings1 photo paintings1-1.jpg
I did this one a couple of times too.
 photo 60cfc956-925c-47d4-bf9b-e5a2c1a22f44_zpsc6928d25.jpg

Laura has this picture in her dining room.........perspective a bit off but otherwise ok.
 photo 6617a33c-cc95-4813-ba92-3eae169c349d_zps07041e84.jpg
A friends cat
 photo 523009ab-3faa-425d-920c-814887574925_zpsc90e7fe7.jpg
The geranium came out quite well.
 photo daffeb11-dbc9-47fe-9085-77d98029089f_zps8e2da4dc.jpg
Point Betsy lighthouse. A bit flat.....I may try this one again.
 photo 204428b2-90fb-4733-b9cf-3b94fef9eec8_zps4ca1837d.jpg
The barn came out OK. and the puddle was good, that does not show well in this picture.
 photo 2a3a130b-5178-4695-8754-06f9a326172e_zps1c4acfd7.jpg
The camera flashed in the glass. Its a pity I didnt take them out from under glass but there ya go.......lazy me.
 photo eea7da00-e0d6-4f23-8959-e4966c7af399_zps762ce78b.jpg
This one did not go well, but parts of it were ok.....I am very critical of anything I do. I do not have this on display.
 photo 9661f859-da03-4c2f-b178-11a73c9742ac_zps49f29f92.jpg
The robin is a very old painting I did on regular paper, not watercolour paper.
 photo bac5c6b4-8f89-4f68-9f90-f7f307fd4c77_zpsd80bf0fc.jpg
Trillium, this one actually came out quite well even though it didn't photo well
 photo f2af1f1b-ca73-43cd-86bb-a7fd44f1763d_zps442318a8.jpg
View from Mums bedroom window
 photo f00647bc-48f4-4ff6-a57d-a698385264a0_zpsd402c0a2.jpg
Some simple ones
 photo 7f28e6f3-54e6-491c-811c-f6f9f7365783_zpsd70531b2.jpg
 photo 5495ba7b-4ad1-4f70-ba6b-01a6a6fba796_zpsecfbc398.jpg
more boats
018 photo 018-1.jpg

 photo 6679ddc5-a47e-4890-a45e-877dc116590c_zpsf8edc9c0.jpg
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  1. Lots of wonderful artwork Janice, a joy to visit you. Annette x

  2. Lots of lovely paintings, I like your sailing boats and buildings.

  3. As I always say, you are too hard on yourself! I truly think your paintings are wonderful! As long as you are painting from you heart, that is the main thing ;o)


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