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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Thrifting again.............

As we took two poodles in to the groomers I just had to stop and see what was new. As I have found every other time they had much more new things in. I cant resist. Two cups and saucers made in Japan.I may find a small shelf and put them in the blue room.
 photo f6497810-14e1-4022-9509-08e3279928eb_zpsf1e93fca.jpg
 photo cdaa907a-9c64-4bd8-8b13-7be962abdd58_zps4b091cfc.jpg
I found another rooster plate that went up in the dining room and I will soon put the other one up now.
 photo 9faa5e59-f95c-45d0-a958-6f2703c207a0_zpsd3401b20.jpg
I also found a couple of small vases, something that will make nice toppers for the garden ornaments
 photo fde93eca-fc3c-44d6-b885-12aa86ad0d33_zps942133f6.jpg
Teleflora have some nice gift holders, this little cottage was one I found.
 photo 0a81a6ea-dee4-431d-a321-856b06abd834_zpsb23c3cb9.jpg
This is the other little pot and behind it a hand painted vase. Not sure I want to use either one outside. We shall see
 photo a7add25b-ddd5-4f7e-8d7c-39960c8c7da5_zpsa0aaf018.jpg
I also found these two china balls. I may try to find some more at Pier 1......I think a basket of them would be nice and I cant see me finding any more like this.
 photo e91f70b6-032f-4afd-ad5d-2f7a0edd6a60_zpsaae99942.jpg
Then there was this sugar bowl, a button glass two handled thingie, I will keep that it will be handy.
 photo 6cee6b1a-6d64-40b6-b296-413d3461e30e_zps4382e069.jpg
I have to stop going there. I really dont need anything else at the moment and I really don't need anything else in the house but its addictive and even though I have spent way too much money there, I console myself that it does some good. This little plate was to go with another glass plate to make a flower.
 photo 7c1e360a-8b3d-4d47-813c-0a5337ec1f03_zps70c95621.jpg
I have taken pictures of the things I made and will show those when I am sure they are stuck. That the glue is dry.
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  1. Oh what lovely items, Janice :) Thanks for sharing with us and have a beautiful day! Hugs

  2. Janice, I seriously want to come shopping with you! You find amazing items! Wow girl! Good going! My little shoe is in a special place in my bedroom ;o)


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