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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Blue Room.............

I finally got around to getting some pictures. After the flood in the basement.......It was prior to this the library with a bed in it. The girls liked the room when they stayed here because of all the books in the room, and all being book lovers. However. It is now a nice bright room.
 photo a3e5192a-beb3-4e1d-aed0-3395b4d4436f_zps0fb06907.jpg
I didn't buy anything to decorate the room except for a couple of plates. The rest I already had.
The bottom quilt I already had in Alex's room (the lavender room) The floral pillow covers were an old set we didn't use as the sheets didn't fit on the beds right. The pillow is one I found at a thrift shop last weekend. The other quilt is an old one. The shelves were given to me by a friend and I got that and the furniture out of Tristens room. He was breaking the drawers by sitting in them or whatever 4 year olds do.
The glass balls were already here, mixed in with my other collections. I grabbed everything blue from several other rooms including mine. I love blue but it didn't fit anywhere till now.
 photo ef363eec-b963-471b-8085-a17bb6cf482d_zps9b1950a7.jpg
The chair is covered with one of the sheets that match the pillow cases. The plates I got a long time ago at a thrift shop and never had a place for them
 photo e9bd2548-d705-4583-b19a-dcc6f5b5daa2_zpsbce4a657.jpg
This one I wanted to show the hand knitted blanket. I got that at a garage sale. How can people get rid of things like that. It was in perfect, unused condition when I bought it years ago.The bear is wearing
a crochet collar I made. There are two white bears on the bed that are Tristens from when he was born.
 photo 5966049b-7daf-4cd0-a28b-649ce79e13d3_zpsbab4bb7b.jpg
This plate I got last weekend at a thrift shop. I suppose I am paying too thrifty dollars for the plates at 6 to 7 dollars but its to a good cause and they are there, what can I say. The lamp I got for 6.99 and it was just what I wanted for that corner. Trouble is it doesn't work, it needs a rewire. Still it looks good for now, or at least it looks how I wanted it to. The wall light was the original light in the room as its a dropped ceiling. We cant put a proper one in as all the pipes are up there.
 photo 6b4c2747-4b05-44d3-9888-bc5e1dcc9bb9_zps608b8812.jpg
The plate on the wall I bought recently at an antique shop. Got it for 1/2 off and there is a small round one somewhere I bought to go with it. Just have to find it. The quilt rack is holding another blue quilt that was in the other room before Dan moved in. That was the blue room before then. When he moves out I will be doing that room a different colour. Meanwhile I have a bunch of stuff packed away and when I find that I will find a place to put it. I have some shelves I can paint white/cream and finish off this room.
 photo 1aaa013d-dcca-4344-9074-70a8ff97061f_zpsaaf7eb06.jpg
My friend Nancy gave me the pitcher and bowl. There is more to do in there but it can wait until I find what I already have. While I am showing the downstairs I will show you the doors. When we remodeled we kept all the old doors. The blue room has our old back door with the window in it. There is a lace curtain for privacy. The door to the furnace room is from our old porch and the other door is an old back door also.
 photo 33fa49a8-a09d-4784-8261-be117572f2b7_zps1976d7ff.jpg
The lace curtains all came from my mums house. She had a bunch accumulate over the years so when we closed up the house I brought them all back with me. They are in different rooms throughout the house.
You may think it looks like the lavender room, Alex's room but if you go back and look you will see its not anything like it. I still have plates to hang in that room. I want to paint some pictures for this room yet.
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  1. That is a lovely room, blue is such a soothing colour and goes well in a bedroom.

  2. Very lovely. Blue is one of my favorite colors. Nice job.

  3. What a delightful room!!! Blue is my favorite color so I'd be happy as a clam in a room like this! Beautiful!! Cathy

  4. Oh Janice, your blue room is incredibly beautiful and I love the touches of lace throughout it. You have a lovely touch with your decorating. Hugs to you!

  5. You did a wonderful job with this.

  6. very pretty room, with a soothing color. thank you for your visit to my blog, and introducing yourself!

  7. Lovely room....we are kindred spirits! Love the blue and white. :)

  8. Wow!!!!! You did an amazing job! This is so pretty! I love everything and I love hearing all the stories for each item! You could open a bed and breakfast Janice ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  9. What a pretty room , I love blue and white! I'm a new follower!

  10. What a pretty blue room! My daughter has a pretty blue boho room here, and she adores it. I saw you at Ivy and Elephants and couldn't resist having a peek!...Mimi...x

  11. Your room is simply gorgeous! I bet it's great to cozy up in there with a good book and a cup of tea!

  12. I just discovered this blog of yours, you are so talented oh my, everything is amazing!


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