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Monday, April 28, 2014

Some of my garden ornaments.............

Here are a few of the pictures taken today. I have made a few ornaments. They were not exactly what I had planned to do but it's what I ended up doing.
First. I got the big red vase at the thrift store for 9 bucks, the silver glass bowl was about this case I didn't do anything but stick them together. I used the open end down so I could secure the vase on a metal rod so it does't blow over.
 photo 22355f81-11ed-453a-a475-4da05bd5b27c_zps18c441f0.jpg
 photo 6885f7cc-5503-4ecc-8c62-535c827aeb76_zpsc2c7bd8c.jpg
 photo 1d2b040b-636f-4684-97c6-22184aeca007_zps3e6b4a23.jpg
What is it? dunno, maybe a bird bath? I will have to stand something inside because its a bit deep. The next one is an over large cup and saucer. I have attached a fitting on the bottom and a brass rod will screw into it. It will be placed in the flower garden among where the Black eyed Susans come up.
 photo 6b649ba1-9c93-49fe-bddc-839e74d655d4_zpsc2291ac5.jpg
The next concoction is just to sit on the glass table on the deck. The fairy I just love but one of her pigtails broke. Didn't want to throw her out but because I have so much stuff around I had decided anything broken must go. So why not put her in the garden. I painted over the break and she finished off my table topper.
 photo 08ddb20f-18e6-4e8d-ba4c-ca0a37e29cfb_zps430f2779.jpg
This next one will go on the front porch. In the teapot I will put an ivy.
 photo bbedc554-dbe3-4f34-b269-ff11ec43c598_zpscb6ef697.jpg
Another broken fairy. She got her butterfly mended and I attached her to a dollar store plate and candle holder.
 photo 0440c77c-551a-4ac8-8d76-40a77a749493_zps66dbb1c4.jpg
This one is smaller and is a candle holder as the base with a fancy plate and a blue glass plate on top. It needed something else.....a blue ball that I already had. That finished it and will just sit on a table on the front porch. I hope looking pretty with a white table cloth.
 photo 9590050d-cfab-43ac-b94e-826a2f45b88f_zps316d4905.jpg
This is an old ashtray. I found long ago and this year is a tad rusty so I put one of the 3 blue dishes I found in it fo this year. It will be a bird bath. I got the three blue dishes and teapot for 7 dollars and used everything.
 photo 33f70d62-6d69-495b-9688-d90371eb63da_zps1355c988.jpg
I found two bird houses at the the thrift store. I have put attachments on the base of both of them and they will now go on copper pipes in the garden beds. I have used up all my attachments I bought and there are still a bunch of things left on the table. SO ...........what next?????

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  1. My mother is so talented! Looking forward to seeing everything surrounded by flowers!

  2. I love them all! I also make lots of glass pieces for the garden. With my brown thumb, it's usually the only color I get.

  3. Very creative. It's still a bit early here to garden, but I may add a few ornaments to mine. Depends on what I find while I'm out thrifting. Thank you for posting.

  4. Janice, you could start selling these creations! Love them!!!! Well done ;o)

  5. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!


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