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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


My daughter and I agree we must have been Magpies in a former life. Not that I believe that stuff but if I did........well the point is I love glass.
While out with Edna we stopped in Alden. There is a shop there that I always stop in, it has a very large variety of stuff. One thing I found and wanted more of were little glass dishes, not really dishes.......well take a look.
 photo 8831703c-abe0-4029-95f4-381383d22695_zpsb60b7f92.jpg
So I was able to find a couple more.I have a couple on my kitchen windowsill. They are useful, rings, pills and so on. They also look pretty.
I am thinking of getting a few for Christmas gifts.
 photo 074a5039-5522-4aee-8824-5f9b14cce82c_zpsb1526121.jpg
They had more last time we were there, more variety, but I found a couple.
 photo e4201e9b-7c10-4fdb-8560-6991ae162bf7_zps40f8f067.jpg
those were the small ones and before I did get one a little larger.
 photo ccc7b78b-504f-4abf-91a0-8c2971c04a32_zps5ead2771.jpg
I bought this trivet at the same place. They are really coasters and I think I will get a set for someone as a Christmas gift. They are sparkly and pretty.
 photo 27b6d42a-b3b9-4618-b9a8-5c695061c17c_zpsa8a5b25e.jpg
I collect, just like a Magpie, to decorate my nest. I love glass. I had no idea what to do with these glass balls, then I found the dish.
 photo 6e3de6e2-c29b-4ea4-a681-9b767678ef26_zpsebee7434.jpg
Not sure if the cobwebs show or not but I love to hang glass where the light catches it.
 photo 93524b79-3f7a-4597-8190-137993e89a57_zps35c5fb4f.jpg
I also have some wire baskets full of fish floats, they sparkle in the sun. I was going to show a few more things but the Photobucket is not working so thats it for today.
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  1. You have a done a lovely painting job! What a pretty and cheerful color you've chosen. Well done dear! Have a wonderful weekend!
    Modern House

  2. The dishes are so pretty and I bet even more so when the light hits them. You found some beauties this time. I like the glass spider hanging out on the tall glass jar.

  3. Janice, I love everything you purchase! We would have so much fun together! LOL! I really love this post ;o) Great finds!!! I would have bought everything you did ;o) Love the pictures of your windows ;o) Cool keys hanging ;o) Hugs ;o)


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