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Thursday, September 25, 2014

More Bizzy Bees.................

Bumble Bee.....
 photo ddf8d475-ad74-4478-9c80-2f969bc4cbb1_zps7c5689b3.jpg
I just love the fuzzy little buzzers. I think this may be a carpenter bumble bee. I find it difficult to get good information with pictures to ID them.
 photo 440ca53b-0345-4ee0-a82c-65605335a093_zpsde1e37cc.jpg
The green ones that glitter are sweat bees, don't know why they are called that. Too pretty for a name like that.
 photo d5d2c54c-b2cc-46d2-87cd-2974b4b99d1c_zps27efd43b.jpg

This is a Honey Bee, this is the one who we like to keep to make honey for us. This is an endangered species, or soon will be. Glad to see them busy.
 photo 7f4c4896-103e-4ecc-803f-99e9f7cbf091_zps1b698f78.jpg

The following two are Tri coloured Bumble Bees.

 photo 2873d079-d017-4115-aba6-6837e929a4b8_zpsec444575.jpg

 photo 3b3f5b54-543e-4053-86e5-41dddbde1fd5_zps34cf63af.jpg

Wasps do the same job in many ways, but they are not as friendly. They can be bitchy.
 photo c62acd17-3bf7-4118-8641-7c9ca5308da0_zps9ccd5975.jpg

hips and haws a sign of Autumn for sure. Hips are oval and the haws are round.
 photo c564e6bd-066f-443f-ad3a-c13d062a87df_zpse4596fc2.jpg
Another Bumble
 photo f0c63556-2a1d-410d-aae6-549501fe4b10_zps89b1648b.jpg
Well this was a dud of a post but I wanted to use my bee pictures.
How about I throw in some seed pods LOL.... Tickle weed and lambs tails (grasses) no idea what the real name is. I am going to have to get some nature books for next year. When I was in England I knew all the wildflowers and grasses but not here in Michigan. I am on a mission though and Tristen is going to know the woods as he grows, and know what grows there.
 photo 12b1e22a-1fc5-48f3-865f-d3dcbfb117c8_zpsc1afe3cf.jpg
I liked how the light shone on this grass, and again I don't know what it is but I will learn
 photo cbddeb46-b6f3-44c7-98f3-1207f3b70bdc_zps07969adf.jpg
These stick to you as you walk through the long grasses, a smaller version is heck on a dogs coat.
 photo 17d1052c-6ac2-441d-8200-1d5954a17537_zps3f50644b.jpg
 photo e9302dcd-6330-4652-8319-873a16adc39b_zpsc40cccb4.jpg
Queen Annes Lace
 photo 9d557183-49cf-495e-b40f-6cfa74652cf4_zpse57609b6.jpg
well, thats it for now, not a normal post for this blog but I wanted to use my photo's so for now its going to be fine. Maybe later I will change it over to the Garden Blog but for it be.


  1. Glad I saw this post! I love the sweat bees and the tri colors ones--I can totally see them in my next bee plant stick! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Love bumble bees, they're the hardest working bees of all and really rather calm about it.
    Wasps now are on my kill on sight list after I was stung a few years ago, had an allergic reaction and now have to carry an EPI pen. We plant to attract honeybees, again they are so nonaggressive. Sweatbees are pretty, but they sting rather too frequently and have to bee, lol, avoided. Thanks for the pictures.


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