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Thursday, September 18, 2014

sketch books......

It's been awhile since I posted anything from my sketch book. I really have not done anything worth posting. I gave it a break for a time but found myself back at it. After a break I seemed to have lost the knack. I really have not done anything any good. Still, I must post the bad with the good, so here are a few recent ones.
 photo 7ea5526c-da10-4e44-b7cc-2d17bff3c1fa_zps907a8a8f.jpg
 photo f82afc37-c6f5-4490-a047-8fcc47641b4d_zpsb5cd9804.jpg
Some things just do not photo well but thats OK. My sketch book is something I work on continually until its full. I go back and add to each page as I am inspired. I copy things from books and I like to put inspirational verses and sayings on each page too.
 photo 3c129173-a812-47fe-a893-db31557fbc46_zps9079fa19.jpg
The purpose has changed through each book. I began by trying to loosten up my paintings. That is still a goal. I am not trying for realism here, even though that is my preference.
 photo bb0c7b22-2c5b-4e99-bf7b-6f8e37151783_zps89a48221.jpg
 photo dafe717f-54f6-454e-8b6d-e58e1bb8e241_zps43f14e62.jpg
I am very inspired by other blogs who do painting or drawing. Some are just so good, they can not help but inspire.
 photo d822036e-57f0-4471-81d1-17973a1ac957_zps83298a29.jpg
I don't know where this journey will lead me but I am sure enjoying it. What will I do with all the sketch books?
 photo cca2535f-480d-4027-a5f0-bc281ec3b969_zps3754dfda.jpg
simplicity.......I would like to illustrate childrens books. I would actually enjoy writing one with simple pictures.
 photo 2a544f01-6688-48f7-b120-0431758dc0a5_zpsef79e189.jpg
 photo 0239eddc-43fe-40b0-9a92-9794e295f7d1_zps35aab1f7.jpg
Well that's enough for now.............I finally got my photobucket sorted out again. So now I have to get down to getting my other blogs done.


  1. I like them they are quirky.

  2. I love your would be perfect at illustrating a book.

  3. I find all your sketches beautiful! Sometimes making art is just so soothing--the doing and enjoying at a later time, too. I like how you go back and add text or other little details. You'd be a great illustrator!

  4. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think your art is beautiful. Hugs! ~Niki

  5. Wow. Your artwork is beautiful. You are really talented!


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