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Friday, September 26, 2014

Sketching outside.................

Today was a beautiful day. I sat outside on the deck with my paint box and sketching book. I had already drawn most of the pictures and this was a perfect day to fill them in. Good light.
Well they will be fiddled with from now till I close up this book but you can take a peek as they are now......I will go back through the pages and add some words as they come to me.
 photo b6004244-7649-422e-8ce9-fcc306e18c05_zpscab5ff1c.jpg
 photo a794cb71-ed0f-4618-b362-f849366fa920_zps812ac2cf.jpg
Sometimes I get an idea from other blogs, sometimes from books and some just come to me.
 photo b3b66618-0abd-43a7-b046-b733b6f6adb0_zps5d521bd2.jpg
some things I just can't explain. (above) This little lady is way too stiff, but not as bad as she started out, I must read up a bit on this technique. I could not get her to relax.
 photo 45171bb9-5af8-4caf-a7be-971fa6d6cb1e_zpsfb9e024a.jpg
Pouting cherub
 photo 6f937acb-1350-4ed4-b1e0-2a211a961a1f_zpscc20bc72.jpg
 photo 51b4d69e-0a5e-4ead-bd02-8deff7db2a0d_zps82811248.jpg
 photo 11c37a09-a568-48f3-9d62-55a1e55e0aef_zpsc1290579.jpg
More faces and stuff
 photo f8c44042-0d25-448b-9609-2bacbe114361_zps182c7f02.jpg
Practice with eyes
 photo 785cfe04-2325-43cb-9a9d-d97936da8c60_zpsa4b20c9c.jpg
More stuff
 photo 1c1530d9-328f-4e4f-8a79-d98639132b36_zps12a07e93.jpg
more birds and flowers, never get tired of them
 photo 398998de-d3b2-459a-b96e-cdcedfab1e36_zps878192a7.jpg
 photo 782f4705-0ab1-4b9e-aacf-bdcf41eac2e7_zps09a01155.jpg
more sunflowers
 photo f11260a6-ad59-4cfe-ab6b-5c7bee05d0c5_zps6fbacab5.jpg
nearly done
 photo 8f1051e3-7515-450c-86ef-e61ebd6e58ca_zps4a0e7bf3.jpg
Animals always a great subject for me, now to get them lifelike without overdoing it

 photo 3779d233-a838-41ad-8679-e8d5fed340a8_zps8a41ea16.jpg
That is not easy, some people can just make them live with just the colour and mix of the paint. I am not there yet
 photo 8f7512c3-4c0f-4be7-9da4-d037a83d1116_zpsb07edbec.jpg
more critters
 photo 54367f0a-5f51-4f0a-b6b2-375ef3cef8d2_zpsd074f2f6.jpg
Frogs from a book I have..........
 photo a6fc3abe-099c-42a6-b735-51843ddeae03_zpsb25e919f.jpg
 photo 46463192-bd57-4f56-94dc-b8ff0912c0d6_zps7b1db2b5.jpg
and lastly
 photo 21fb5008-98f1-422b-9d30-13c3be00865a_zpsb499b75f.jpg thats that.
By the way, that is hay, not his rocket boosters


  1. Great pictures, you should do children's books, they all have a sweetness about them.

  2. These are all just beautiful! Of course you can probably guess, I love the flowers, butterflies and other critters best. There is such joy and talent in your painting. Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  3. I love your watercolors, Janice. The poppies, especially, make my heart sing! Isn't it lovely in the north these days?

  4. Rocket Boosters! LOL! Janice, I do truly love your art! I really do! I can see them framed or as cards! Your art always makes me smile ;o) Big Hugs ;o)


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