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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last leaves that fall...............

 photo 75d88ac7-d44b-4455-9b09-91d116c4081b_zps604f76e6.jpg
My garden is sleeping, its gone until Spring now. Yet a few pretty leaves still cling to the trees.........
 photo 10893e98-d6ea-4fe9-984a-4c1e9394df61_zps8043f0e9.jpg
The yellows and reds are really crisp and bright
 photo dade5bb6-19d1-48b4-ae05-bbb0de7c4a40_zpsa10faa58.jpg
He will soon be sleeping somewhere warm
 photo 5d31f255-e766-4d2e-9da5-50b7219afcdf_zps27ccc27a.jpg
There are still a few last blooms that are bright in the sunshine
 photo 714a9173-ebc7-4de2-87f6-f2eb65e7de61_zpseb120202.jpg
 photo 7b5450cf-70a2-4226-b89b-8d42d146245c_zps8d4dce63.jpg
 photo 802dd883-4239-47bd-90b7-ef6641a05648_zps1308ab0e.jpg
 photo 54eeee52-8299-43b2-a7a7-0bce355e555f_zpsa9a58d41.jpg
 photo a5405293-205e-45e9-afbb-c4761efdfeeb_zps8f347e6d.jpg
I could not waste these beautiful colours, I just had to post them somewhere so there ya go. Those brilliant colours in the sunshine and a bright blue sky. How wonderful is that?
 photo 5e6278e2-24d4-4c86-94d3-3eac9ae56798_zpsed868ac4.jpg
These are not eating apples, at least I have never tried them. I wish that the deer would come and get them although I suspect the rabbits and coons etc do have a snack or two.
 photo dcc3806a-5137-42a5-95a3-40e160343b9d_zps2cc94f85.jpg
The other ones are certainly crab apples. This tree is double. It has two sides to it.Meanwhile I just can't stop looking at the brilliant colours.
 photo adc93140-adb5-49de-a984-a949dc66cfaa_zpse6751404.jpg
They say it might snow tomorrow night, so this may be all for this year so I just had to get this all down here.
Boots enjoying some last sunny days. She stays in more now its colder.
 photo d7fb4fac-bfff-486a-80d8-4f72ef875d79_zps1dde1ffa.jpg
Brea is also enjoying the sun too
 photo 7c69f5f6-af4c-45a2-941d-2ec7dbc91950_zps97959028.jpg
Well I could go on and on but I wont. Here is a seed pod I always like looking at those.
 photo 4ea5a9bd-8889-45a3-8400-7cdb600b0081_zps182d033e.jpg
I had better go for now. I want to get to bed, still not over the flu yet, well the tiredness anyway. Getting there though, tomorrow will be better. I have to find more things for us to do..........meanwhile tomorrow it must be about the house. I have not done much for well over a week except the basics. Time to whip up some energy and get down to it.


  1. Janice so sorry to hear you've been sick.. Hope it passes soon, don't push it..
    Your post with all this color makes me want to put brush to palette. Just beautiful.
    Thanks for all your beautiful thoughts and words on a subject close to both of us.
    Barbra Joan

  2. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos! It is nice to see all the color and a few last blooms. They say we could even see some mixed snow/rain Saturday evening!
    Glad you are somewhat better--it is always hardest to get over the lingering tiredness I find. Have a nice weekend!

  3. Beautiful colors -- those red leaves on blue sky are stunning.

  4. Your garden is still pretty. I wish the weeds in my garden would go to sleep!

  5. Gorgeous photos my friend ;o) Truly loved them all! I hope you are feeling better! Big Hugs ;o)


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