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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Unfinished stuff.................

 photo 8434f067-0e90-4c7c-b85b-308598e45801_zps9341dae7.jpg
Unfinished is all I have at the moment. I have been drawing loads of stuff but have not had time to finish them yet. So here are a few rough drawings
 photo 9344564d-ab1a-4261-886a-86a98130ad7c_zps078a5566.jpg
 photo 625ab570-c72a-4b6e-a204-6f56cc5e2da5_zps852ab6d5.jpg
I like horses and I am trying to find ways to do quick sketches
 photo 97b478bc-ea0c-45c1-a90e-d43a4a1d8bcb_zps086cdbbf.jpg
 photo c5de187e-5a8d-4c4d-9442-8b282d64ff30_zps59c0394a.jpg
My camera does not capture drawings very well either, so these are not so good. Wonder what they will be like painted? I would like to do some plain old drawings but I need to find a fixative to stop them smudging and fading. This is my sketch book anyway so I guess it really doesn't matter for now, Its water colour I am practicing.
I like to do faces, lots of faces
 photo d0ecb55c-e07c-4320-a38c-d59945b87db4_zpscae16fa8.jpg
And flowers
 photo a8965dc0-1d1f-4d78-ad60-8734f6f7cdff_zpsb80d153e.jpg
Especially sunflowers
 photo 804e0644-7dac-4e4f-9d6f-f69d1b174f9e_zpsc57ed1f8.jpg
 photo 6be277df-ac4a-4aef-a8aa-aa7afb5fc447_zps52018e4e.jpg
I think I am going to do a couple of horse drawings and frame them...........or maybe make some cards. I don't know........
 photo 930168ec-a2eb-49a9-acae-dd4ec31905f2_zps9825b2a9.jpg
I really should quit wasting time doing this and get on to more practical things. I need to get sewing. I am all done with my garden for this time to work on Christmas gifts. I am still enjoying the sketch books though. I don't seem able to stop.


  1. No keep drawing they are lovely.

  2. I like your sketches and doing what brings us pleasure is never a waste of time.

  3. Janice, you are so talented! Your sketches are amazing! There is a fixative in Michael's you can use, so your sketches won't smudge ;o) Thanks for sharing these! I really enjoyed them ;o)

  4. I have a batch of WIPs that I must get out of "progress" and into completion! Good for you -- and doing them well, too!


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