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Monday, October 13, 2014

Some pretty things.............

Not a lot going on really. Well that's not exactly true we have been out and about, but no thrift stores. So I will be showing a few things I want to remember.
I have ordered over time several things from Craftymoose Crafts, Debbie does wonderful bead work. Can you see the little bee's and the dragonfly.?
 photo ceaabb0f-7d85-4f75-9135-eae1f1b7dab3_zps604594d2.jpg
Flowers and ladybug on this one. I have them all around my house in plants. Also violets. Debbie does an amazing job, so delicate and detailed.
 photo 70a3b513-f0c2-4403-89ba-4c23a0d17c3e_zps66443fb4.jpg
 photo 6757bdd2-2b1c-45b1-889e-dbbac6c125c2_zpsf600633a.jpg
Well, on to other things. One thing we did on our day out this weekend was to stop back at the glass blowers in East Jordan.
I bought a pumpkin. I bought one last year. I don't do Halloween but I love Harvest festival and the pumpkins remind me of that.
 photo 3cb1cb8e-3a68-45e4-9d64-921cda7926a2_zps0b1b6aa5.jpg
 photo 44a9c226-82f3-43ff-8984-7c59180d81c7_zps6e2a9136.jpg
Something else I bought at Ravens Hill these little glass things that I will use one way or other. So pretty. I will either wire wrap or somehow use as a pendant or on a purse. We shall see. Meanwhile they are just pretty things.
 photo f239909d-a00e-4215-8b10-dcb91eeb0bbc_zpsbaea6dfa.jpg
 photo c85032fd-173a-4e9d-ba06-c8de545a797d_zpsc0e06b1e.jpg
AT the glass blowers I bought a spider. I already had one that sat on my flowers but I liked this one. People do some crazy stuff for Halloween, so it's chance to buy unusual things. I do not like spiders, but these glass ones are fascinating, I have other glass ones but this one is cool, and my lady spider too.
 photo f8dc1dae-839b-4554-a2fa-c4992e6de3ca_zps96f07949.jpg
 photo e9a18752-bb34-474a-b9e0-e513862b4c44_zpsc12d9595.jpg
Maybe these spiders will keep the real ones away?
 photo 824cf56f-5625-456f-8a4c-2313dc2b923a_zps012bc48e.jpg
You know I like glass, well if we have a nice weekend next week I will be going back to a small town called Alden to a shop there, they have these little glass trays and I want to get some for gifts before the snow flys.
One day I will go around the house and show all my knick knacks that should take awhile lol.


  1. Thank you (for the link, and) for showing how beautiful the beaded flowers and plant sticks look!

    The blown glass pumpkins are really gorgeous, as well as the one I originally thought was made from a gourd but another look made me see it is ceramic. I've beaded those glass jewelry pieces into pendants before but never wire wrapped them, so I hope you'll show yours off when you decide what to do with it!

  2. Awfully fun finds! I've been to both the East Jordan and (I think) the Alden places. Love those towns! Easy road trips when I am north. Those bright colors will keep you smiling when the white stuff comes in a month or two!


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