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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Outside decorations...........

We do not have much in the way of snow at the moment. I am happy about that, except my outside decorations would look much better with some snow to cover cords and wires.
 photo 1d2be819-54b4-4aa6-a23f-87256b7c8a5c_zps2f122267.jpg
View from the front porch above. I finally got the hubby moving. He and Tristen got the trees out front. That was rather a fiasco but it's done. I can not expect more. The lights on the porch......well, no comment there. Thrown around is an understatement, but when they are lit up at night it doesn't matter. I guess one of these days I will get out there and redo.......for now it can stay.
We finally found the outside snowman too
 photo 7e6ee4a4-2a4a-4ef2-b2e3-0f6920990b17_zps66109573.jpg
I like this picture of the rocking chair. Almost the same as the first picture but close in
 photo fc5d382c-74f1-4ca0-83f0-9d73fc438d30_zpsc067b5ba.jpg
I didnt spend much time out there. It was really cold when I did it. Now I am into baking so I really need some snow to cover up all the junk haha.........ah well, its getting warmer so maybe one day I will get out there and sort it all out.
 photo 081e7de6-40cd-4d9e-8816-36790bd1e710_zpsdc4265f0.jpg
Have not done a lot out the back but did put up a tree. We had bought a smaller one last year because we couldn't get to all the stuff that was packed away. So that went on the back porch along with an old sled and a couple of wreaths
 photo 3e28a7ac-4747-4527-b78a-0e8dc8128234_zps495ca8f1.jpg
I would like to put some lights out there too but will save those and maybe do the ally. Everyone on our street decorates the back ally because they have a get together. We don't go because we have Tristen in bed and cant just up an leave him alone. Still I would like to paticipate in the decorating one of these days


  1. Everything looks beautiful and so festive! I love it Janice ;o)

  2. How very pretty!!! Have a grand day!!! Cathy


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