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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Nothing Happening here..............

With all the Christmas preparation over with, all the baking done. I am setting myself some new chores for this year. I want to redecorate. I have no money to do that and so I am going to try to do as much as possible as cheap as possible. I will take pictures before and after. For now though I am not doing a thing. Christmas is over, I sent as much of the treats away with people as I could. I do not need to be eating them myself. I made fudge, cookies, zucchini bread and much much more. I even made my CHristmas berry jam. That turned out well. I made green jalapeno jelly and one I have not made before, a peach red jalapeno jam. I made Salsa and cheese balls. Brandy balls .............oh boy. Now it is back on the diet again.
So what can I do to change my look without spending a lot? I bought some covers simular to this one but in burgundy.
 photo c28c2878-e498-4f26-b446-c1a1f3966167_zpsfe0055e6.jpg
I wont paint the walls. They are a deep burgundy colour. I need to dust them down and wipe off a few spots and that will be good to go. My theme at the moment is Native American. I have a large picture that is the focal point. That needs to go. I was in Pier1 and loved some of the things they had. So if I replace that with something colourful that will bring in several colours to add to the room. I am thinking I will put some pillows on the couch with some of the colours out of the picture.
 photo 8c41a148-ef9a-43c8-9aec-0666fda1ff90_zps1509813f.jpg
 photo de6f097a-df27-4ecd-8f65-484b014018df_zps1c8a7779.jpg
I saw several pictures I liked but cant afford more than one............will have to choose wisely. I want to get to more of a modern or cottage look. With the burgundy walls and sofa's I have a golden beige carpet. I need an area rug, with some floral sort of design that opens up the room. then with the colours I bring in with a rug, I want to get pillows to complement that. I think another pattern might be good along with some plain ones in bright colours. I am thinking I will then frame some of my bird photos and make a display.
Then the other thing I want to do is bring in some of my floral plates and cups and saucers. Well that's my idea.......we will see what unfolds.


  1. Good luck with the redecorating. I'm doing my annual clean out the cupboards and closets.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing your redecorating. I'm sure I've already said how I like a Southwestern look and have our Living Room decorated that way. Best wishes for a good 2015.

  3. Janice, have fun!!! You are a very creative person! I know you are going to do well, even at a low budget, you will do it! Please take before and after pics ;o) Big Hugs and Happy New Year ;o)


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