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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Downton Fashions..............

I am sure there are a lot of Downton Abbey fans out there, me among them. I love so much about those British period TV shows. I love the elegance of the times. Well, if you were rich at least. I love the manners, poise, tradition and the clothes. I think that Downton gives us a great insight into that. Julian Fellowes does a wonderful job of transporting us to another time. The family at Downton, upstairs and down have their own brands of snobbery. It shows all of them are human and vulnarable.
However this is not about all's about the clothes.
Carolyn McCall is the designer.
The series does span several decades. Check the timeline highlighted.The clothes show the changing fashions through time with Violet being an old Edwardian going through to the 1920a, so I am sure it was quite a challenge. Here are some highlights
 photo 9feed934-6b6b-483e-974b-9bf3de2c394b_zpstylxaqfj.jpg
 photo 079c94b7-e328-46db-b383-0a1dff72e6f8_zps2o1usrix.jpg
 photo b5747f39-6cc8-43e4-82e6-410e94f0e1ff_zpst67ae2wn.jpg
Do you wonder what becomes of all of the wonderful clothes after the series ends?Well for one thing 40 odd gowns etc will go on tour or at least will be at the Biltmore Estate.
 photo bbbd7c67-11bf-4fb0-81aa-50f856388e43_zps4c1nlfnk.jpg
 photo 7d7c3119-aea2-4502-bede-72aee469e243_zpshmxw5ghj.jpg
 photo c0a55c99-d00a-4183-88b5-d530edd097d9_zpsny2s8ag9.jpg
I would love to get some close up of the bead works and embroidery on some of the dresses.
 photo 9027bf62-5897-4165-990a-6ab0c5a34c4b_zpsnl8zqb7o.jpg
If I were doing this right I would have had them in order but I didn't think ahead now did I.
Well, I hope you will see some of the excellent work on some of the links I have put in. I hear that next season, 6 will be the last. Well Violet (Maggie Smith) makes the show with her wonderful face and one liners. What an actress she is. Well as she herself says, Maggie that is, Violet is old and if they go beyond next season she would be 110 haha. So it would not make sense. Sadly. Anyway, you can see more costumes on some of the links. Have fun
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  1. What a great post Janice! Really enjoyed! Love all the fashions ;o)

  2. Love Maggie Smith and the clothes are magnificent. Great post. Sure wish I lived closer to the Biltmore.

  3. Beautiful china painted plates!!! I have one very much like the roses you have. I treasure it as it was my grandmothers. Have a grand day!


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