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Friday, June 5, 2015

Before and After........

I had a brilliant idea. I wanted change but could not afford it. Gerry had to pull up carpet in our bedroom to fix something under the floor. I had thought it a good excuse to redo the room. New carpet colour and so on. No, cant do that. New carpet and paint would lead to new curtains and bedding. So.............he put the carpet back down again and we moved the furniture instead.
`I was hoping to find some before pictures. I was sure I had some but no. So I guess I can only show how it looks now. There may be some further back on this blog.
 photo b10dcbeb-e553-403e-ba65-457248fb2e34_zpshucrnywr.jpg
The bed was under the long windows facing the bathroom. Now we have it under the big windows and under the fan, so much better for me. I also took off the footboard, it gave us much more room. The carpet is burgundy and so is the counter in the bathroom. So changing carpet would have meant changing the counters too. So this was a far better idea. I changed out the quilts so that the colours are lighter now instead of the burgundy being dominant.
From this side of the room you can see where the bed used to be, where the dressing table (minus mirror) is now.
 photo 100_7239_zps13rm2wyh.jpg
I moved the dresser to the corner
 photo 100_7238_zpssth6gpsw.jpg
I found some flowers in the bathroom when I started on changed those as you see in the 2nd picture. I also put in family pictures, something I never did before.
 photo 100_7248_zpscl8nw9ze.jpg
.........and brought in my glass cabinet with all my keepsakes in it
 photo 100_7244_zpsmigb5inr.jpg
 photo 100_7236_zpsoe3cvokn.jpg
The dressing table I have removed the mirror and set it under the long window where the bed used to be.
 photo 100_7237_zpsecfcs0wo.jpg
Believe it or not this is a far more minimal look to what it was before. By moving the bed I had more room and so have two chairs in there now instead of one. I kept fiddling with it until I got things just the way I wanted.
The bathroom didn't change much but I did manage to remember that I had some green towels stashed away. So changed those out from the old burgundy ones.
 photo 100_7251_zps52degciz.jpg
 photo 100_7252_zpsbhyofpiz.jpg
 photo 100_7254_zpsim226ybu.jpg
The "theme" in the bathroom was swans, so I kept those.
 photo 100_7253_zpsdo3hfdla.jpg
 photo 100_7256_zpskb7l87dv.jpg
 photo 100_7255_zpspixypazl.jpg
I guess the "theme" in the bedroom is Poodles as I have them everywhere. Well that is my new look. Its certaily more practical for me for summer. I love being under the fan. Tristen wanted his bed moved so we did that for him. His room is next and needs painting badly now, he has scribbled on the walls and put stickers on, but thats another story

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  1. I love do-overs that really don't cost much, if anything at all. What a lovely haven your bedroom is!


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