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Monday, June 8, 2015

Some more drawings..............

I am still drawing and painting but only in the sketch book. I am thinking its time (when this one is done) to be a little more adventurous. The goal here was to loosten up. To try to simplify my art. I always seem to overdo it with watercolour. So this experiment began and I have enjoyed it.
I told Tristen I would draw him a little book. I think I will do that next. Meanwhile here are a few sketches for what they are worth. Not meant to be good, just practice.
 photo 100_7433h_zps60tyo7qa.jpg
 photo 100_7449_zps1gda8fk3.jpg
I also wondered about a little book of quotes with illustrations, a cheer me up sort of book. I have no idea how to go about it but it sounded like a good idea
 photo 100_7448_zpsogmviud8.jpg
 photo 100_7446_zps2ueeaik0.jpg
 photo 100_7445_zpsnb6udnty.jpg
 photo 100_7444_zpsphcwoihq.jpg
I am also thinking of a Facebook page and maybe an Etsy shop......maybe I can find someone to help me understand the process.
 photo 100_7443_zps7vuac2kv.jpg
I need to know from people who do it, how you wrap pictures to preserve them, sort of shrink wrap? or envelopes?
 photo 100_7441_zpsfp5ueguv.jpg
 photo 100_7439_zpsofqnpnup.jpg
I can use my sketch books for ideas.
 photo 100_7435y_zpspgwxzkwx.jpg
 photo 100_7434i_zpsbfbhz7l7.jpg
 photo 100_7431_zpskhvslxhr.jpg
 photo 100_7430_zpsjtd8fxxc.jpg
 photo 100_7429_zpstkcesmie.jpg
I am thinking maybe some pictures for kids bedrooms or something like that. Simple things.
 photo 100_7428a_zpsgd4mzplm.jpg
 photo 100_7427a_zpsgljbjn0g.jpg
They will all have to be originals, my own ideas. That will be the difficult part. I will write down ideas and this winter maybe will be productive. Can't do much in the summer, I will spend my time with Tristen and taking pictures. Maybe that will inspire me.
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  1. Lots of loveliness and freedom here, but I have to say your poppies are stunning and your two kitties sketched in a larger photo have my heart!

  2. I'm on Facebook but I don't have a public page, I did have an Etsy and it was fun but very big job setting up but, all you have to do is follow the instructions, and you can always google for tips on setting up both, thats what I did, you will find lots of sites to help tell you what to do.
    Your art is beautiful and I think your people are stunning , you do the most beauitiful women, their eyes are amazing! Best wishes on your adventure, oh and I think if you go to an office supple store or a store where you can mail and ship things they will be able to shrink wrap or cello wrap your work,, or they might have cello envelopes, when I sold my work on Etsy I only sold 8 x 10 size and I shipped them in an unbend able envelope that I bought from the post office, I didn't have my cello wrapper. I wish I could be more help but I am not very techie smart, lol, having the Etsy shop for me was fun and profitable, my decreasing eyesight made me stop but it was fun!

  3. Your flowers paintings are especially beautiful! I have never sold fine art larger than an ACEO so I'm can't be of any help with the wrapping.....but I can try to answer any set up questions. The Etsy seller's handbook is also really good.


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