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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Thrift and crafts...............

One day I had to drop off some stuff at the Thrift store so naturally I had to see what I could find. I found a few things for the garden. A ceramic watering can that I bought an Ivy to put in and an oblong pot that I also bought Ivy to sit in.
 photo 100_7672_zps7dxwjm2s.jpg
 photo 100_7651u_zpsirikxolk.jpg
I think those were both good buy's
I like it when I have a use for what I buy.
At that same time I found a double bowl, crystal that can be used as one, or in two parts.
 photo 100_7703u_zpshruvwe9b.jpg
 photo 100_7702_zps3aqifbzq.jpg
I found a blue bottle and got that just for the colour. Its sitting outside at the moment with the ivy in the watering can. This little heart shape ceramic box, well it was so pretty I had to get that. I collect heart things and the Forget me nots were irresistable
 photo heart_zps6miyq6gp.jpg
I also found a small plate that will sit with some other English scenes that I have on small plates.
 photo 100_7701_zpszrj2gszg.jpg
I think that was it for the Thrift store. I did buy, at Michaels a stepping stone kit for the kids to make. I thought there were 3 in the box. Nope only one so Me and Tristen made it yesterday
 photo 100_7705_zpsy5xdnxz2.jpg
 photo 100_7679_zpsbjdqfhfv.jpg
Then on Friday I went out to eat with my friend Edna. She needed to go to Ben Franklins. I seldom go in there myself. This time though, oh my.....there was this teapot. I had to get it. It had Cowslips and butterfly and ladybugs on it
 photo 100_7676_zpse50o6qbw.jpg
 photo 100_7675_zpsfrscitov.jpg
 photo 100_7674_zpssszvxcxg.jpg
 photo 100_7673_zpsrr8yxi5y.jpg
I just could not resist.
I also found a windchime I liked and a placque for the garden
 photo 100_7656_zpsw3szujjq.jpg
The picture of the windchime was not very good, so I didn't post it but I am sure you will see it in my garden before long. I must go back to Ben Franklins soon because they had other tea pots that I would love to have. I am running out of room again but..........that has never stopped me yet.

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  1. I miss our Ben Franklin's which closed years and years ago. There is one in upstate NY but way to far to travel to.

  2. Lovely finds Janice. I especially love the teapot!


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