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Thursday, October 8, 2015


I am pleased to say I am getting back to quilting. My friend Edna, the one I go on shop hops with. Well we do a lot of things together, like shopping and road trips to Amish stores and quilt shops. Anyway, I have been procrastinating on the sewing. Edna offered to come over (now Tristen is in school I have my machine out) and help me by cutting out some of my fabrics. I decided to do some lap quilts for Christmas gifts. I am doing simple quilts. Take a panel for example and just put on borders. Easy peasy. I also have some good patterns that do not require a lot of cutting. So here we go.
I have done 5 so far, tops and backs. I will take them to my friend Barb who has a long arn quilting business.
 photo 104_0200_zps9ddgobtt.jpg
Not a lot to show at the moment. I have done 5 tops so far and Barb will do them for me before Christmas.
When we all lost our jobs at the bank we all went in different ways. I stayed in touch with most in my department for years and a few of us still see each other quite often. Nancy and Edna and Barb have been the ones I have had the most contact with. Meaning we hang out and do stuff together. Nancy moved away to downstate to be near her kids. Edna still lives here and was really missing her because they did a lot together. I couldn't because I had Tristen he's in school all day I have more time. So Edna offered to come and help me with getting going again on my quilting. I have problems cutting out fabric due to my sight.
Barb started her own quilt business. She invested in a long arm quilt machine and taught herself how to do that. She practiced on our quilts. She was good right from the start but now she is great. Her business is BJ Quilting and she is on Facebook.
Well, here is a look at what I have done so far, you cant see what the quilts will be like when done but can see the fabrics at least.
this one will be for Cooper who is 2, it will have a pillow to go with it. A nap time quilt and pillow. If he is lucky I may get to his bed quilt soon.
 photo 104_0201_zpspr0hdkjy.jpg
This one will be for Reina. A quilt to sit and snuggle in with the fairies
 photo 104_0202_zpssrh5wnri.jpg
 photo 104_0203_zpsoauqoqyl.jpg
The next two will be for Carrie my daughter in law.
 photo 104_0204_zpspjtan1sq.jpg
 photo 104_0205_zps5sm5ejd6.jpg
Teal wants a larger size and likes cats so I chose this fabric for her.
 photo 104_0207_zpstyiqgqam.jpg
....and if I have time I will do something with this as well, but I have to see what I have to go with it.
 photo 104_0208_zpsbznelkbq.jpg
These all have funny cats on them but not sure what I have that will go with them so...........
 photo 104_0209_zpswbnptosl.jpg
So look at my messy dining room, its my work shop for now. Well its not often that its not covered in junk of one kind or other.
 photo 104_0212_zpszfmqep8p.jpg
 photo 104_0210_zpshy5bufgo.jpg
 photo 104_0213_zpsofzdqjxg.jpg
 photo 104_0211_zps20ioepmn.jpg
Some other fabric combinations I have are for later, this one for Cooper again.

 photo 104_0214_zpsjqt9ougi.jpg
and I loved this fabric that I want to make a purse or tote out of.
 photo 104_0215_zps4m8ethvc.jpg
At least I have made a start and I am feeling ambitiouse. I have actually been enjoying myself. Its going to cost a fortune getting them quilted but as I have so much invested in fabric there is no turning back. It will be nice when the stash is down and I can get things as I need them. One at a time.

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  1. Glad you're finding your way back to quilting. They are going to be beautiful. Can't wait to see them finished.


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