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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

It's the Little Things.............

Life can be full of heartache and tears, if you allow it. It can also be full to the brim of wonderful things if you look for them. To me I find pleasure in the little things. The big things take care of themselves. To a certain extent you can't do much about the big things, I give them to the Lord and move on. I give the problem my best shot and thats it.
I find joy and peace in walking on the beach, no matter the weather, hot or cold. I love to find the pretty stones and see the wild things along the way. The woods are always full of pretty things, surprising things and peace. Even with the noise from children running and playing it's peaceful. I found these pretty things on the beach on Sunday. I collect hearts so these were special.
 photo 103_0728a_zps02i2t7zr.jpg
The top heart is special, it is a purple Leland Blue stone, held up to the light its like glass.
WE did freeze our toes getting the blue stones
 photo 103_0730_zpskk33ks80.jpg
When I get time I will look into learning to make jewelry with some of the nicer ones. Meanwhile my friend Barb showed Edna and I some yarn. It's called
"Scrubby yarn" she made kitchen scrubby cloths. Both of us decided we wanted to do some, nice to stick in with Christmas gifts. Edna cranks things out so quickly she had already done 4 before I even got the yarn. I now have my yarn. First one half done.
 photo 103_0746_zps2nuroowe.jpg
I would like some myself and will try to get a few done when I am not doing other things. I still have to get outside and plant my ivy.It's supposed to be nice tomorrow but I want to sew. I was very lazy today.
I am going great guns on the quilting. I have two more almost completed and ready for Barb to pick up when she is in town. I ended up bringing most of my fabric down so I can match things up. I have two more ready to sew.These two almost done.
 photo 103_0748_zpsb9q9sgyf.jpg
 photo 103_0752_zps4tqig9um.jpg
It sounds like I am busy but really I am not. Edna on the other hand gets much more done than I do. She also gets up at 4.30am. I get up at 6.30 but am a zombie for at least a couple of hours. Edna can have baked a dozen pies by then, she makes me tired. She came over on Tuesday to help me with my cutting out. I had found an add for a quilt shop in Suttons Bay I showed her the add and we decided to forego sewing and go look. Well, it was a lovely shop Cherry Country Quilters and I found fabric better than I had for Laura's quilt so got that. Then I found some for another I was putting together. It was worth the trip, we also stopped at Leelanau Cheese near Suttons Bay and got some really nice cheese. After that we stopped at Ben Franklins back in Traverse City so we could get the yarn, Edna had used hers all up already so wanted some more haha. Then we went to lunch at Rounds Restaraunt who serve breakfast all day. Had me some nice corned beef hash that was awesome. That was enough for one day.


  1. Hi Janice, wanted to say thanks for the visit to my blog... I've been missing posting to others but I've checked on you from time to time... Quilting !! yes that was my other fascination in the 90's, loved it .. I just found there is not enough time in a day or a week to do all the things I like.. then my life took a big turn this year, and here I am living in Tn. a state totally different than my beloved Florida.. I'm adjusting and think it will get better... Like you I try to handle the problems, do the best we can..
    love your blog and always 'good stuff' that makes me feel good.
    regards, and a hug,
    Barbra Joan

  2. Hi, Janice!!! Thank you for stopping-by my blog.
    This is a wonderful blog...very creative.
    I have become a "follower" and I am looking forward to further visits~

    Have a Lovely Day


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