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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Another visit to the Thrift store...............

Saturday was our visit to the groomers for Bodi and Bijou. That is always my opportunity to visit my favourite Thrift store. Next week we have to take the other two poodles. We go to Brenda's Pet Parlour she is awesome and although I cant say the poodles love their visit, they dont complain haha. We will be back there again next week when we take the other two in for a spruce up.
Anyway suffice it to say I will be in the Thrift again next week. Meanwhile, I did find a few things.
 photo 104_0008_zps4jrs6rlw.jpg
 photo 104_0009_zpsfdcbmk7y.jpg
The bowl shown above is Marqui by Waterford. Its a nice size bowl and I make good use of these at Christmas or parties to hold snacks or fruit or candy.
Its a lovely piece of crystal and heavy.
I also found these lovely candle sticks. I am not really a candle person, I would probably burn the house down by forgetting them. I do use candles sometimes in the winter though. Especially at Christmas time. I love the way the glass and crystal sparkles.
 photo 104_0013_zpsj6kbughd.jpg
 photo 104_0014_zpssoa7vwos.jpg
I think I have said it many times I just love glass and especially crystal, it glows.
I also picked up these two little bird votive candle holders. I am not sure what the purpose is of votives as they dont last long. I just could not resist these two though. The glaze and detail is really nice, no makers mark though.
 photo 104_0010_zpswvzvihrs.jpg
 photo 104_0011_zpsl3gdn7pm.jpg
I always look for glass, and I could not resist this wine bottle holder because it came with a Pier 1 blue bottle.
 photo 104_0006_zpsl7pwf3nz.jpg
The there was this silly green bottle, well I could not leave that could I. Not at all sure what I will do with it but maybe it will be something I use for garden ornaments for next year. I know I can use it somehow.
 photo 104_0012_zpsqmvvmwi0.jpg
Last of all this lamp, came with a candle. Again, no idea what to do with it but it would be handy if the lights go out haha. Or maybe with a bug deterent candle next summer?
 photo 104_0007_zpsqqu7loov.jpg
Well, I left before I could do anymore damage. There was plenty left that I could have picked up but will wait until next week. I have to be discriminating. Look for things I can use. I do need some new crystal glasses. Hmmmmm.


  1. Oooh, what pretty crystal! Crystal glasses sound like a good idea! Have a grand week!


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