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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Front Porch Update..........................

I have been trying to get the front porch updated for Spring. Once the snow left I waited for Gerry to get the vines down. At some point this year he hopes to work on the roof and porch. When the snow falls down onto the porch roof it is doing some damage and that has to be fixed. So with that in mind we decided to take down the vines. Now we won't have birds nesting. That would be sad except that now we have cats, I don't like the stress. Plus Mrs Robin got in a huff last year when I was working out ther and left. Why do I get the cranky ones. So now, it's all gone.
Meanwhile, Laura and I were out the other day and stopped in at the Thrift Store in Lake Leelanau. It's a nice one. Only trouble is they only take cash or cheques. So I was limited to what I could buy. I was out of cheques (so ordered some) and had very little cash. I found two bunnies at 2 dollars each and a basket for one dollar. I only had 4 dollars and 60cents. She let me have it so next time we stop I will make up the difference.
 photo 20170412_181502_zpsvtey7yjl.jpg
That one looks like Spring so I figure she can stay on the porch for awhile.
 photo 20170412_181506_zpsrttfq7lx.jpg
That one is a boy, he can also stay there for the summer. I also dragged out an old bunny that the poodles had been playing with, tidied her up and sat her on the rocker
 photo 20170413_135218_zpsdx90ihj9.jpg
I had folded a really old quilt on the bench and another thrown over. At some point I need to paint the bench, rocker and table as well as the little table that I use to get the mail. For now nothing is arranged too well I am just getting stuff out there. I put out some plastic greens in a hand made basket (by me) to give a little life out there. The big fake tree will be good when I put some rocks in the basket to stop it blowing over haha.
 photo 20170413_133817_zps6cjb1axr.jpg
This afternoon I sat and made some cushion covers for some cushions for the bench. I just grabbed some fabric that I would probably never use and did a very quick job.
 photo 20170413_133814_zpsfwb78fvt.jpg
The basket that I got for a dollar will be used for flowers as soon as I find them.Last year I had the flowers in a basket on the bench but not sure how it will all end up this year
 photo 20170413_133748_zpsbzqnut9m.jpg
I need to get into the shed/garage to find all my summer stuff. I did get the garden chairs out and need to wash them all but for now they are out.
The side table has an embroidered table cloth on it. It's really too nice for outside but better than sitting in a drawer I guess.
 photo 20170412_181514_zpsw8uavphl.jpg
I found this Butterfly last year at some craft place. It is made from spark plugs. Isn't it cool.
 photo 20170413_135222_zpsqnbxh0lb.jpg
I still have to find a wreath for the wall or the picture I hung out there last year. Now I don't have the vines to contend with I am thinking of hanging a couple of old windows with some broken glass designs on them. Or stained glass. Or maybe some glass balls. Not sure yet.................this is still a work in progress.
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  1. Looks beautiful Janice!! I love everything! So springy and happy!! You scored again with your finds! The butterfly is cool!! Happy Easter! Big Hugs!

  2. Oh Janice you do have the cutest things. I'm sort of a retired collector now because of no room.. (I live in a one room above the garage apartment.) I like it but hate that I can't collect things. I'll leave that to you . LOL !


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