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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thrifting with Edna..........

It was Edna's birthday on Tuesday and that is when we had the skunk incident. That by the way is becoming more tolerable by the day. Either that or we are getting used to it. I got in the shower this morning and when I wrapped my hair in the towel it smelt like skunk. I could not believe that. So grabbing new towels I finished my shower. Edna had to take her car in for an oil change so she got here just after 10am. The first things we did was to head out to "our" thrift shop. I found a couple of things. Better luck than the last few times anyway. This adorable little cup
 photo 103_0811k_zpsvkmqb8fm.jpg
 photo 103_0810a_zpsc696m9rw.jpg
I had one quite similar but it is a different pattern and shape
 photo 103_0812k_zpsty7tsryv.jpg
I was not really looking for any more cups and saucers but this one was irresistible. The prices in this Goodwill has really gone up. They have lovely things and it is small, cozy and neat, tidy and clean. Pleasant to go there. However, I am not going to keep going and paying prices like I would going to a regular store. Especially as I do not need any of this stuff and I do not sell it for profit.
I collect things, or should I say choose things with Violets on and so I picked up this cute picture frame.
 photo 103_0813_zpsrgnr2pur.jpg
One good deal was this plant that I got for the front porch. 4.99 for that. When I take care of it and "plant" it in a better pot it will look really cool.
 photo 103_0826_zpsu5bcyv8g.jpg
This tile is going to be useful for putting hot pots on and was 1.99
 photo 103_0817_zpsznykv2fw.jpg
While I was at it I picked up a pair of gloves for next year at 1.79. I had found this winter when I wanted to go skiing I had no gloves. I thought these would work well. I never wear gloves but these may be handy. I was going to get a hat too but decided to knit some.
 photo 103_0814_zpswiijay0y.jpg
Oh and this little tin angel for the garden.
 photo 103_0815k_zpsk7wfyp0w.jpg
Next we went to Quality farm and fleet. Edna wanted bird seed or something. I got caught up watching the baby chicks. I ALMOST got some. I didn't though because I am not prepared. They would have to be in the house and I don't have the right place to put them. Then there is the cats, yeh...........better be prepared first.
On the way to lunch we stopped at a nice used furniture store because I knew they had knick knacks. Not that I wanted any but Edna decided to look. I found some small glass ash trays for 6.99, there were 3 of them and they would be nice to put our very small blue stones in. Not much of a loss if I didn't keep them.
 photo 103_0816_zpsb5nsvzom.jpg
The other side of the road was the big Good Will, the Mother store. Going in there and checking prices against our little Boutique..........yeh, they have really hiked up the prices over there. That's not good. I mean to say, I like to "give" to a good cause and get a bargain but for example, a glass dish was around 2 bucks and at their boutique its more like 5.99. Some things I can almost get in the regular store for not much more.
Then we went to lunch at The Chinese Buffet at Edna's request. I bought her lunch and it was good. After that we remembered that Ben Franklin's was going out of business
so that was our next stop. Again, I did not need a thing and was very good. Edna found some bleached muslin for quilt backs. The prices otherwise were not yet really good at only 20% off so I resisted. Edna did get a good deal on the fabric as at least a yard at the end was all wrinkled and they gave her that much free and the rest 20% off and she said it was enough for two quilts. So a great deal there. I got some diffuser oils and wafers to put in the oils.
 photo 103_0819k_zpsrse8wa4j.jpg
I figured that may help with the skunk smell haha.
So that was our day we had a nice day on a rather gloomy gray day. Sort of sprinkled with rain turning to snow but nothing much. It may be worse tomorrow. Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be nice though and then I hope to work in the garden. I was hoping to go out tomorrow with Laura but if its still like this I will do some sewing. I am working on a patchwork quilt.
 photo 20170329_145059_zpsxp7mgjyf.jpg
If I stay home tomorrow then I can get more done on that. I have a blue for the borders I think, but not sure yet, may do a pale yellow instead. Anyway, Edna remembered that she had some casserole dishes in her car that her son gave her. She had no use for them and well, I could not resist. I have no idea what I can do with them but I love the colours and may swap out something else and keep these
 photo 103_0827_zpsb5zwscub.jpg
They will make some nice serving dishes at Thanksgiving time. I will have a struggle to decide what I will take out of the cupboard to make room for them. Hey, they were free how can I resist. Pyrex, the old sort. Only one had a lid though, but as I seldom ever use the lids anyway, I will probably be able to pick some up at garage sales or thrifts.
 photo 103_0828_zpsydhwj4ga.jpg
 photo 103_0829_zpsi66kwcxq.jpg
 photo 103_0824_zps1mvqmzpn.jpg
I think we had a pretty successful day all in all. I am very happy with the dishes because I love the colours. The big green one has a pouring spout and will be a great mixing bowl. Great day.
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  1. Wow, Janice an excellent day!!! That's too bad, that the little Good Will store has their prices so much higher! You got some great things, though! That plant is real?? You scored! Love your quilt you are working on! The last set of dishes your friend gave you, with like a Holland pictures on them, I smiled!! My mom had them, and we wore them out! I loved them so much!! Big Hugs!

  2. You got some beautiful things! Love the cup!
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  3. Janice, hi and didn't know where else to reply to you .
    Yes, I do go out on my own. Painting sketches in the park is nice and don't forget in Florida can't do this in the summer..
    I'm fortunate that my health is good, had cataracts done 12 years ago. so far , so good. p.s. if you want to write me here is my email. .
    Moving here a year ago meant all new things. People, places, and things, Hard to find new friends at this age. But I joined some local art groups and that has helped..
    oh, you amaze me with your collections ... I had a houseful at one time.. It was my passion back then. Now I have no room at the Inn.! LOL
    take care, Barbra Joan.


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